Aylmer – Police conducted a RIDE program in town Friday between 6 pm and lO pm.  at various downtown locations. It was reported that 618 vehicles “passed” and the following charges laid: no liquor offences, one seatbelt offence, 4 headlight warnings, and 5 tobacco/cellphones cautions.


Aylmer – Police didn’t take much time to respond to a call last Thursday about 5 pm. A pick-up truck was leaking fuel on Beech St. E. – in front of the police station. Aylmer Fire Department also arrived to assist.


*A scuffle between two men outside the Central Hotel around 2:30 am Saturday  resulted in a 40-year old Aylmer  man being treated by ambulance attendants for minor injuries. Charges are pending.

*An Aylmer man reported to police on the weekend he was the victim of an email fraud. He received an email supposedly from a friend who said he was stranded in England without money so the Aylmer man sent him $1870 via Western Union. When  contacted later his friend said things were fine and believed his email account had been ‘hacked’.

“AYLMER TODAY” Website Promotes Aylmer

A new website will be launched in the next week attempting to promote local businesses. Kris Joy, based in St.Thomas, with 10 years experience in new media design in Toronto and 3 years in print ad sales locally, plans to provide info on Aylmer businesses, products, services and events on the site:  “www.aylmertoday.ca”.  Ms. Joy believes there is a need for more data on businesses in town, especially with the current economy, in order to ” promote shopping locally”  and also due to a void in online business news.


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