Aylmer – The Aylmer Ministerial Association hopes to open a small coffee cafe downtown around December 1st in order to assist “at-risk” youth.  Spokesperson Rev. Cam Watts, Aylmer Baptist Church,  said the coffee shop, to be located in the former dining area of Peter’s Pizza, hopes to employ two managers and provide work and “life skills” to youth who are in need.  Many varities of refreshments, even cappucinos, and baked goods,  will be served – hours of operation will be 7 am to 5 pm Monday to Friday and 7 am to 2 pm Saturdays. The name ‘PERC’ is just a ‘catchy ‘ tag for the shop.

QUESTION? – Why not 2 Hazardous Waste Collection Dates Yearly?

Aylmer – Director of Operations Rod Tapp said the cost of having two collection days annually was quite prohibitve – the September expense amounted to 1% of the town’s yearly tax levy. Most Ontario municipalities just have one drop-off day a year. although the province is moving towards holding regional sites where one could drop off any day. October 20-23 is Bulk Garbage Week pick-up for Aylmer and Malahide. If bulk items aren’t placed out at the curb then, residents may contact Putnam Auto Center or Antonissen Trucking to pay for dropoffs there.


2 Responses to THURS. OCT 8/09

  1. bernhard klassen says:

    YOU think 2 hazardous waste drops per year are too much? Lets try for year round..Most people I know are not willing to waste an entire day standing in line, just to be “environmentally friendly”. they have the proper attitude, but not the patience for an annual event. This is why so much of this stuff ends up in landfills. If the government,at whatever level where truly concerned as to how we dispose of our HAZARDOUS GARBAGE, they would give us a better option than a “once a year” dropoff, hiding it it regular garbage is TOTALLY simpler and hassle free…

  2. J.F.Davidson says:

    We have a summer place on the Bruce and there is a bulk and regular disposal centre at Sauble Beach that is open to everyone. It is a user pay system and works wonderfully well. What is the matter with paying extra to dispose of extra things. Why should anyone expect to pay for the disposal of items that are unusual or hazardous. We recently disposed of a utility trailer full of just about anything one could imagine and it cost only $27.00. Come on people, pay up and help out your community.

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