Saturday, Oct. 17/09

SCHOOLS BACK !- ” Report #3 = McGregor Public Has Many New Programs”

Aylmer – This is Richard Auckland’s second year as Principal -last year he was Principal at Myrtle Street in St. Thomas. This year McGregor’s staff compliment is down slightly from 20.22 to 20.21.
McGregor has approximately 380 students enrolled – similar to last year’s total. A new program that is offered is the Parenting & Family Literacy Centre.  The Centre is open Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. until 1 p.m.  This is a link for parents with pre-schoolers to come in and connect with each other and the Centre’s coordinator, Ruth Anne Payler. The school is being used by the community after hours with the YMCA before and after school program, martial arts, cubs, scouts, floor hockey, heritage language classes and bible club being current activities.Currently, McGregor is pursuing “1000 Acts of Kindness.”  Students, families, staff and community members are being asked to report good deeds that they have done or if they are on the receiving end of a good deed by writing them on a paper heart which is posted in our hall. Ryan & Debbie’s No Frills store donated a large number of lunch bags for our students for this which runs through October. The breakfast program is back this year with  educational assistants helping to coordinate its operation.McGregor, like other public schools, has had to sort through bussing challenges this fall. Said Mr. Auckland: “Anytime there are changes to a system there will be blips.  It has been an adjustment period for all of us.The consortium is a MInistry mandated program to reduce bussing costs for the local Boards of Edcuation.  Our boundaries being within the Town of Aylmer have made fewer the issues with which we have had to deal.” A new air exchange/air conditioning  unit was installed in the building over the summer. And replacing Charge Custodian Roger Milmine who just retired this month is Tim Pinnell who was an evening custodian at the school.


Woodstock 7 Aylmer 3 (Spits led 2-1 after Period 1) (SOG= Aylmer 32, Wood. 22)

Aylmer Goals: Maracle (Vandepoele); Brisson (Farquhar); Hunter (Farquhar).

Record: W 2 L 5; Next Game = Sat. Host Caledonia


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