FRIDAY, Oct. 23/09


Aylmer – Enjoyment and sharing appear to be common themes when the Elgin Piecemakers hold meetings. The group, founded nearly 8 years ago and with a membership of 18 from across Elgin, are holding their first Quilt Show today and tomorrow at Trinity Anglican Church in Aylmer. The Piecemakers, meeting in members’ homes, are dedicated to “the art of quilting and sharing and enjoying our work” said member Denise White. ( She said the group does not constitute a “guild” as they do not have officers or fees.) They are also dedicated to sharing with others – donating funds from the sale of their quilts to various charities, especially breast cancer research. This weekend’s  show, 2pm to 8 pm Friday and 10 am to 4 pm Sat., has a $5 admission charge and 113 items on display,  with all monies being donated back to the church.

TODAY: Home football games at EESS, 6 pm Jr, 8 pm Sr, vs. Huron Park.


PORT BURWELL- This community’s cemetery controversy became the latest project for  Otterville dowser Mae Leonard as she visited the village on October 13. Ms. Leonard, a longtime south Oxford resident and former elementary schoolteacher, said she had actually been ‘dowsing’ for water since she was a child – she had learned the skill from her father. She has been involved in “8-10” dowsings yearly for some time, mostly for friends who couldn’t remember where their septic tanks were located or for those looking to dig wells. She became involved, “by accident”,  in ‘grave dowsing’ just a few years ago when the South Norwich Historical Society was looking for graves of African-Americans who had settled near Otterville in the l800s. Believing she can “sense the energies” of both water and human remains, she was successful in her search. Her only other grave search was in Simcoe where she was also successful.  (She said she knows only of a few other dowsers in southern Ontario.) At Port Burwell’s site, located just north along the Plank Road to Vienna, there has been a recent dispute about the possible finding of human remains on property which has come into private hands and now has a building on it. The location, which housed an l800s church and the small hamlet of Estherville, has a cairn with many gravestones . Ms. Leonard dowsed the existing cemetery property in March and declared there were 250-300 bodies buried. Bayham Council asked her to dowse again 2 weeks ago to see if she could detect remains betweeen the cairn and the highway to the east, on the private property,  but she found nothing. She has submitted a report to Bayham Council for study.


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