SAT., Oct. 24/09


SENIOR: EESS 35 Huron Park 4

EESS touchdowns  were by Mitch Roloson with 2, Ian Barrie 2, and Steve
Barton with 1.

Brandon Aspden had 5 points with the conversions.

Defensively Brett Haines recovered a fumble, Scott Walker and Ian Barrie
had one interception each and Ryan Van Liere had several excellent tackles.

Record: East Elgin W-4 L-1 (1st place)

JUNIOR: EESS 34 HuronPark 6 (Record: W -5 L-0)

NEXT GAMES = Oct 29 at St. Marys , Woodstock


“Aylmer has no more or no less of a driving while using a cell phone problem than anywhere else. The national average is just that. What some do not realize is that being caught using a device while driving is not difficult to prove if one decides to go to court on the issue. Every cell call is electronically recorded by the service provider. Your phone also holds this information until you erase it from the device. It will be difficult to deny the use of the phone at the time alleged by the police because they can subpoena the usage record from the provider or just seize your phone as evidence and present it in court. Think about this, and why spend money on a denial of guilt if you are caught. Drive carefully.”  (J F Davidson)


-Annual fall competition of Elgin Poultry and Pet Stock Association at Aylmer Fairgrounds, 9 am to 3 pm

-Bayham-Elgin Business Expo at Straffordville Community Centre, 1-5 pm, Free admission.


-SENIOR= EESS 51-PCI 32 ( Tessa Kreiger 20,  Amber Irvine 14)  7-0 league record

-JUNIOR = EESS 54 – PCI  41 (Kira Cornelison 21) 6-1 league record

NEXT GAMES: Tuesday at St Joes

TODAY: Hockey, Spits host Dundas, 7:30


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