TUES, Oct. 27/09

BAYHAM BUSINESS EXPO REPORT – by Doug Lester, OVCofC President

Straffordville -The weather smiled on the inaugural Bayham-Elgin Business Expo held in Straffordville on Saturday, October 24. Thirty-Seven exhibitors from Bayham and area displayed their wares and sold products and services to the public. Visitors were delighted to discover a wide range of products and services including recreational activities, truck and farm implements, alpaca clothing, food, spices, beverages, health products, and services from cranes to business support and professional coaching. The exhibitors came together to promote local business and promote entrepreneurial activity in Elgin County. Sponsored by the Elgin Business Resource Centre, the County of Elgin, the Municipality of Bayham, and organized by the Otter Valley Chamber of Commerce this is part of a strategy to raise the profile of local business and to increase networking opportunities between local businesses. There was a steady stream of visitors throughout the afternoon. Visitors were impressed with the quality and variety of the offerings. Although there were over  100 visitors the organizers hope to see more people from the general public next year. Organizers are confident that those who came will share the positive experience with others. For the Otter Valley Chamber of Commerce that has grown to 70 members from a start up in April 2008 this was one more step to providing opportunities for local businesses to connect with each other and to assist them in growing their businesses.

AYLMER POLICE REPORT: “Two Vehicle Accidents Last Week”

Aylmer – On Oct. 20 there was a 3 vehicle accident at ll:30 am on John St. North close to the ValuMart store. A  female driver from Vienna was charged with careless driving after her 2000 Pontiac van going north rear-ended a 2002 Dodge pickup driven by James Du-Maresq of Aylmer who then struck a 1993 GMC pickup operated by a St.Thomas woman. The van was demolished and the pickup trucks sustained only minor damage. There were no injuries.

Aylmer – On Oct. 25 at 12:30 pm at the corner of Queen and Sydenham a Central Elgin man driving a 2007 Hyundai was charged with failing to yield after his vehicle going south entered the intersection and struck a Pontiac  Sunfire driven by Kimberley Millward of Aylmer. Damage was moderate and there were no injuries.


Aylmer Police will be aided by off-duty and auxilliary personnel this weekend in keeping an eye on Hallowe’en activities, which have been relatively quiet in town recently. Police advise they will be charging, rather than warning, those who engage in criminal behaviour.


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