WED., Oct. 28/09


-At Chippawa – Chippawa 6 Aylmer 5 (OT); SOG = Aylmer 48 Chip. 31

-Aylmer Scoring:   Pfohl (Schruder, Roloson); Mugford (Bornais, Schruder); Mugford (Roloson, Pfohl); Roloson (McTagggart, Bornais); Schruder (Mugford, Vandepoele).

-Next Home Game = Sat.,  vs. Norwich


Aylmer – About 35-40 people attended the official opening of the East Elgin Diabetes Centre, located above the Shoppers Drug Mart store yesterday. The Ministry of Health and Long Term Care saw a need for further education opportunities in Elgin County for Diabetes Education in August 2007 and set up two teams, one in West Elgin. Tuesday’s opening was at a more permanent site for the East Elgin team.  The programs offered here focus on various aspects of diabetes:  Type 1, type 2, gestational and prediabetes. They offer sessions on counseling, in nutrition for diabetes management, diabetes medications, and lifestyle support and classes in carb counting and label reading. They have partnered with VON and their SMART exercise classes to promote activity.  Any questions : (office hours are 8 -4) call: 519- 765- 4797.


SENIOR=  EESS 34  St. Joes 21 (S. Twinem 11 )
JUNIOR = St. Joes 37 EESS 31 (Averi Nooren 9)
UPCOMING: Host CECI Thursday



One Response to WED., Oct. 28/09

  1. J.F.Davidson says:

    It is great to see that the diabetes clinic is open. The people that have set this up should be congratulated. It is unfortunate that the people responsible for the flu clinics are not as smart.
    I have never seen such an unorganized situation in this country. What happened to the brains of the ones in control of this and do they not see the dire importance of this issue. We could lose a major portion of the population of the world over this pandemic.
    Why are there not more clinics set up? Why are the clinics not manned 24 hours a day? Why do not all MD’s have the antivirus? The unpreparedness in this issue leaves our government and the minister of health in a shameful position. They knew this was coming months ago. Why is there not a call centre set up large enough to handle all the calls? A half hour wait is too long. Why have they not hired hundreds of people to handle this situation? They should be ashamed. I wonder if the health minister had to wait 2 hours in a line?
    Every small town and village should have a place, like a town hall, to go to to get a flu shot.
    Why was this not set up? They say the delay is not getting the needle but getting information down on a computer data network. Get more computers and people to man them. Does this make sense to anyone? We will not have to worry about world hunger in a couple of years because there will be only 2/3 of the people left to feed.

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