MONDAY, November 2/09

AYLMER SPITFIRES HOCKEY SATURDAY: “Norwich 5, Aylmer 3″(Aylmer led 2-0 after first; 3-2 after second; SOG – Norwich 40-20;

Aylmer Record: 3-8-1; Next Game = Friday host Paris, 7:30 pm)


Period 1
AylmerCassidy North (Joey Hunter, Jason Farquhar) 15:58
AylmerTravis Schruder (Adam Vandepoele) 17:30
Period 2
AylmerBrandon Harbour (Mark Pfohl, Adam Vandepoele) 5:03
NorwichSteven Boyd (Trevor Rose) 9:40
NorwichCurtis Logan (powerplay) (Aaron Wirth) 15:46
Period 3
NorwichChad Barclay (Ben Pearson, Curtis Logan) 2:00
NorwichMike Rebry (Chad Barclay) 3:23
NorwichJustin Bremner (Curtis Logan) 12:00



Aylmer- EESS will host Parkside in senior and junior football playofff games this Friday afternoon (12:30 Senior, 2:30 Junior). EESS finished first in Junior league play. Coach Ted Williamson provides some insight into this year’s Juniors:

“The EESS offence is a bit more prolific than those of the other teams in our loop. Quarterback Trevor Stewart calls the signals, and has been consistently good. A fine stable of running backs, led by Craig Irvine, Eddie Wiebe, Quinton Jenkins and Braydon Racz has run roughshod over the opposition. The pass attack has not produced quite as much.There is little the opposition has been able to do to slow the attack. They can’t key on a particular player, since the Eagles are well balanced. For example, in the final regular season game there were 5 different players scoring touchdowns while another kicked 4 of the converts.Other schools rely on size to do the job. EESS can’t, since it is the smallest team in the league. Its linemen routinely face players much bigger, and so must use technique and speed to advantage. So far, it has worked.
Defensively, EESS has been a bend-but-not-break group. It hasn’t been the bone-crushing group that some defences try to be, but it does seem to be able to contain the opposition when necessary.


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