TUES., Nov. 3/09


Aylmer – The Annual General Meeting of the Aylmer Area Community Foundation was held October 21.

Highlights from Report:  Grants for 2008, total: $19 500.00  = The main allocations were to Youth & Recreation, East Elgin Secondary School Environmental Committee, East Elgin Basketball Club, St. Thomas-Elgin General Hospital, Lights-On Environmental Leadership Program, Elgin Association for Community Living, Aylmer & District Museum.

Over 600 bicycle helmets were fitted and given away to residents of the Aylmer area in 2008. There was also a second helmet fitting in Bayham.



IMMANUEL CHRISTIAN, AYLMER -(Principal Nancy Robinson)

“At Immanuel we had a number of students away the last couple of weeks with influenza-like illnesses.  Since our staff was scheduled to attend a province-wide convention last Thursday and Friday, we did not have school for 2 days.  That seems to have been a very helpful break, and our rate of absenteeism has greatly improved this week. To combat the spread of any viruses, we have been stressing proper handwashing and properly covering coughs and sneezes.  There are alcohol-based hand sanitizers in some of the main areas of the school.  We have had great co-operation from our parents who are encouraged to keep sick children home.”



Aylmer – One hundred years ago, in October, 1909, the town’s Electric Plant blew up, killing the engineer on duty. The plant, on Myrtle St. just north of the present swimming pool, supplied the town’s electricity, before the arrival of Ontario Hydro. Just after 7 pm, a boiler exploded and killed Harry Fisher, 43 and the subsequent fire also destroyed the Brandon Shoe Factory, just north of the electric building. The “Express’ reported that several citizens thought “the world was coming to an end” and many store windows shattered on Talbot St. One large piece of iron, weighing 150 pounds, flew to Talbot St. and crashed through the roof and three floors of a residence, missing the occupant by only 2 feet!.  The cause was undetermined as the plant had passed a recent inspection.




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  1. Sam & Elizabeth Cole says:

    WE are not from Aylmer and we just love to read any history pieces put in the paper, especially when there are pictures with the article.

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