THURS., Nov. 5/09

line up at Aylmer's 1st H1N1 clinic

Line up at Aylmer's 1st H1N1 clinic


There were about 40 persons in the lineup at 12:30 today outside the East Elgin Complex when the above picture was taken (doors were to open at 1 pm).


-H1Ni Immunization Clinic at the Arena, East Elgin Complex, Thurs and Fri. 1 pm to 7 pm

-Tomorrow: PA Day for Elementary Schools.

-“The Cemetery Club”, Old Town Hall Theatre, Today through Saturday, 8 pm


Here is some information about the upcoming Ten Thousand Villages sale.  This is a non-profit venture of the MCS Aylmer Resource Centre.

Ten Thousand Villages Handicrafts & Arts Sale
Old Town Hall – Aylmer – 38 John St. S.
November 10 – 14
Tues. & Wed. 11am-5pm
Thurs. & Fri. 11am – 7 pm
Sat. 10 am – 2 pm
Shoppers & volunteers welcome! Free admission.
Local information at 519-765-3020.


Aylmer Council recently approved a plan to bring the ‘Thumbs Up’ program of St.Thomas to town. The program encourages businesses to be accessible to the disabled and hands out decals to those that are. The group responded to the following questions:
1-Why did you approach Aylmer Council at this time? Did you take initiative from the letter in the local paper recently?

“We felt that the “Thumbs Up” program needed to reach out to the other communities around us.  I don’t get the paper but a friend  saw the article and told me about it. She said it was well done.”

2-Have you had any contact/interest from Aylmer businesses?


3-Do you know if Aylmer businesses are fairly accessible ?

“We know that there are  some businesses that are accessible and the Aylmer arena is also
4-What kinds of changes “make” a store accessible?

“Small businesses need  to have a flat way into their business, a wedge for 1 step entrances, a
doorbell to let an employee know that they need to open a door for a  client etc. – small aids.”

5-What is your next step for Aylmer?

“We hope to get a group like the Golden K (Golden Kiwanis Club) that will do the accessibility audits and work with the existing  group to hand out the decals and list the accessible businesses so they can go on the web as accessible.


“We are recruiting volunteers in the Aylmer area, especially with the Meals On Wheels program.  We usually see an increase in the number of seniors or adults with a disability requiring Meals On Wheels as the winter months approach and access to groceries, restaurant, etc can me limited.  We recently increased our Meals On Wheels in Aylmer from 3 routes to 4
routes to handle the current increase in demand.
I am looking for volunteers to help deliver Meals On Wheels in Aylmer. The Meals are picked up from Terrace Lodge at 11:30 am and delivered in the community. Volunteers deliver the meals, check that the client is ok and provide a short visit.  Delivering of the Meals are usually done by
12:30pm.  We usually average 30 meals a day from Terrace Lodge 5 days a week.”

Jill Ouimette
Coordinator of Volunteers
VON Canada
Phone: 519-637-6408 or 1-800-201-0909
Fax: 519-631-4798


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