FRIDAY: Nov. 6/09


“Both teams at EESS got the #1 seed.  The Seniors finished 9-0 and the Juniors won the tiebreaker for first with a 7-2 record.  EESS now has a jr./sr. doubleheader here next Wed. at 3:30 and 5:00.  The juniors play WESS and the seniors play PCI.  The winners move on to the SE TVRAA semis next Friday night at Dorchester.  The finals are set for 6:30 and 8:00 on Saturday at Dochester.”


-Play “The Cemetery Club” at the Old Town Hall Theatre. 8 pm

-EESS Football Playoffs: Host Parkside =Jr. at 12:30; Sr. at 2:30 (Students who bring a can for the Corner Cupboard get out early to watch the games!

-Flu Clinic continues, 1-7 pm at East Elgin Complex

-Spitfires Hockey, hosting Paris at 7:30

-PA Day for elementary schools


(Questions answered by Laura McLachlin, Director Health Protection Department, Elgin St Thomas Health Unit)

(Editor’s Note: I qualified for a H1N1 shot yesterday and at 3 pm was able to be processed immediately, my time at the clinic lasting less than a half-hour)

1.How many persons attended the Aylmer clinic?

– “approximately 450”

2.The turnout seemed quite low to me, your reaction?/explanations?

– “I was expecting more.  Numbers can be affected by many things – the weather, influenza like illness in a family, confusion over the constant changes in the messaging about when to have the vaccine and who is eligible.”

3.Any changes planned for Friday?


4-How many cases of H1N1 in Elgin to date? Locations?

– “30 lab confirmed cases over the last six weeks with half of these cases being reported in the last week.  Cases are from across the county and not concentrated in any one area.”

5-How many hospitalized cases? –

” There were 2 newly hospitalized lab confirmed cases of pandemic H1N1compared to 4 in the previous week.  We post our local surveillance information on our website each week at   Since the first of October there have been 12 hospitalized at STEGH or other area hospitals. ”

6-How many are considered serious?

-” most hospitalized cases are considered serious. ”


Signs went up this week at the corner of Fourth Avenue and South Street announcing the upcoming  “Combined Sewer Separation Project” sewer work on Fourth Ave. According to Rod Tapp, Aylmer’s Director of Operations, the Town will receive 2/3 funding from the Federal & Provincial Government’s under the (BCF) Build Canada Fund Program for this. The estimated cost for the project is $823,500.000. The project consists of constructing new sanitary and storm sewers, replacement of the aged watermain and total road restoration for the section of Fourth Avenue from South Street to Clarence Street. The project is very similar to others completed and is one phase of the Town’s overall Combined Sewer Separation Program: ie. Treelawn Ave – 2007-2008, Caverly Road – 2008-2009, South Street – 2008-2009, St. Andrew Street – 2009-2010, and Rutherford Ave – 2009-2010. It is expected that tendering for the project will take place in late January, early February of 2010 with the construction commencing in April or May. As done with all other similar projects, the Town will hold an Information Meeting with all of the affected property owners to discuss the details of the up coming project in the New Year.

10,ooo VILLAGES SALE (Continued)

“The sale has been at the present location for the last 10 yrs, previously the Ten Thousand Villages operated out of the Mennonite Community Thrift Store, located on Talbot St in Aylmer.  Our sale has the addition of the word “Festival” because our event is held annually. Our sale supports artistians in Third world countries.  The MCS office has been “hosting” this event .  Although the event itself is one to get excited about, who wouldn’t want to showcase beautiful handicrafts that are unique and often a  “one of a kind” piece.” (From MCS Event Co-ordinator)


(Wednesday, the House of Commons voted ( first reading) in favour of abolishing the Gun Registry. “Aylmer News” received the following answers to questions sent to the Coalition for Gun Control.)

1-Why should Canada licence if  some believe “it’s only criminals that use guns illegally”?

2-Hasn’t the cost really been excessive? Why isn’t this going to save money?

3-Do many other countries licence guns?

4-What % of gun owners actually got permits do they estimate?

“Bill C-391 talks about repealing the need to register long guns. Since 1995, all gun owners have to obtain a renewable permit and register all their guns to their name through filling a one time form. RCMP estimates that 90% of Canada’s rifles and shotguns are registered.

If the bill makes it through Parliament, it would mean the dismantling of seven million firearms records. Remember firearm registration is a one-time only procedure that:

  • makes gun owners accountable for their firearms and enforces the licensing provisions of the law. Furthermore, registration makes it more difficult for straw purchases to occur, as well as illegal sales by legal gun owners.
  • is an essential tool used by police when taking preventive action, and enforcing prohibition orders. It is the system police use to ensure that all firearms are removed from an individual’s possession when the situation warrants it.
  • helps police investigations. Two men were identified and convicted as accessories to the murder of 4 RCMP officers in Mayerthorpe, Alberta, in part because a registered gun was left at the scene of the crime.
  • allows police to differentiate between legal and illegal firearms. Without information about who owns firearms legally and the firearms they own, police cannot charge individuals with illegal possession.
  • allows police to trace firearms easily, thus facilitating further investigations into smuggling.
  • reduces the chances that legal guns will be diverted into illegal markets.

The bulk of the cost of the firearms program is associated with licensing and screening of risk factors so that individuals who may pose a risk to themselves or others do not have access to guns. The RCMP estimates, that if the registration of rifles and shotguns were discontinued, it would save only $3 million per year. CBC reported on October 5, 2009 that the Conservative government’s decision to waive fees for people licensing their firearms will cost more than $15 million in 2009. With the successive amnesties introduced by the Conservative government, the data in the firearms registry is becoming more inaccurate and out of date, putting the lives of Canadians at stake.

Our firearm control laws are consistent with international norms, as most countries license gun owners and register firearms, as they do in, for instance, the European Union (the US is the exception).”


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