MONDAY, Nov. 9/09

Pandemic Update for November 8, 2009: (From Elgin-St. Thomas Health Unit)

(EDITOR: About 450 persons attended the Aylmer Clinic on Friday)

  • “The three immunization clinics set up for Elgin County the week of November 9th are going ahead as planned.  Given the shortage of vaccine it is possible that we will temporarily run out of vaccine this week although we anticipate receiving at least 4000 doses on Thursday or Friday this week. Three clinics are set up for Monday, November 9th; Tuesday, November 10th; and Thursday, November 12th.  All clinics will be at the Timken Centre in St. Thomas from 1:00 p.m. until 7:00 p.m.  High risk and high priority people remain the focus of the clinics until such time as more vaccine becomes available.
  • The St. Thomas Elgin General Hospital has established an Alternate Site Flu Assessment Clinic in A-wing of the Complex Continuing Care Centre (CCC).   The clinic hours over the next few days are:
    • Sunday, November 8th from 10 a.m. until 10 p.m.
    • Monday, November 9th from 6:00 p.m. until 10 p.m.
    • Tuesday, November 10th from 6:00 p.m. until 10 p.m.
    • Wednesday, November 11th – Closed
  • The influenza like illness consultation rates are highest in the following age groups:
    • 403/1000 (5-19 years)
    • 236/1000 (0-4 years)
    • Many people have asked us when they should have the seasonal flu shot.   The federal government has stated that it is okay to give seasonal and H1N1 vaccines at the same time.  It is important to keep in mind that co-administration is being allowed, but not highly recommended.  There are several reasons for this decision.
      • Based on what occurred in the southern hemisphere, we expect that the H1N1 flu virus will be the main strain circulating in the northern hemisphere this fall.  We have seen evidence of this in Ontario already where there is very little seasonal flu activity.  We need to tackle the main flu first.
      • Co-administration is appropriate in some circumstances such as for seniors who travel to the U.S. every winter and those at particularly high risk of complications from seasonal flu.
      • In our area, some physicians have started providing seasonal flu vaccine to their high risk clients.  Please discuss with your health care provider if you have questions.
  • We are hopeful to hear plans for expansion of the H1N1 immunization program early this week.  At this time the focus is still on the high risk populations.  There are an estimated 3.4 million (28%) people in Ontario that fall into the high risk or high priority groups. As of October 31st, Ontario had received just over 2.2 million doses.  Twenty-eight percent (28%) of St.Thomas and Elgin County’s population is 23,800 residents as a rough estimate of the number of people in our area that qualify as high risk or high priority.  We are doing well with over 9000 people vaccinated in the first two weeks of the campaign.”


At Aylmer =Aylmer Goal – Vandepoele (Pfohl, Schruder); SOG = Paris by 37-33; Teams tied 1-1 after first period

Aylmer Record = 3-9-1 (last in six team division); Next Game = Host Woodstock Saturday.

Aylmer Heritage Plaque Ceremony Saturday: (Press Release)

Mike and Fiona  Brunelle, owners of the historic Hutchinson House at 150 Sydenham Street East, Aylmer, were presented a bronze heritage plaque by the Aylmer Heritage Committee on Saturday. The house was constructed in 1889. It was the home of J.W. Hutchinson (1855-1928) who was twice Mayor of the Town of Aylmer and also a monument maker.  He established Hutchinson Marble Works in 1874.  Perhaps the greatest achievement of J.W. Hutchinson was his work with the Monument Committee of 1927-28 which raised funds to build the Aylmer Cenotaph.  The cenotaph weighed 15 tons and was constructed from two pieces of granite purchased from the Cleveland Stone Company and shipped by the Michigan Central Railroad to Aylmer. Dedication of the Cenotaph took place November 25, 1928, just a few months after the passing of Mr. Hutchinson.

The Aylmer Heritage Committee awards bronze plaques in recognition of a property of cultural heritage value or interest, which the owners (past or present) have preserved, conserved, restored or otherwise maintained through time. Such heritage plaques are featured on 32 homes, places of worship, municipal buildings and businesses in Aylmer.Anyone interested in pursuing a heritage plaque for their property, or who wishes to make a suggestion of a well-deserving property, is encouraged to get in touch with the Aylmer Heritage Committee through the Town of Aylmer website at or by contacting anyone on the Aylmer Heritage Committee.

Heritage Aylmer

“Mike and Fiona Brunelle and family (the dog insisted!) stand in front of the historic plaque that was given their house on Sydenham St. East Saturday by the Aylmer Heritage Committee, represented by President Stephen Douglas, at left.”


(EDITOR:  Jake Allin, an EESS student,  received considerable publicity last week in the media and at Queen’s Park for his Facebook petition to end the drivers testers’ strike. His motivation?:

“Hi, I live just north of Aylmer and my parents names are Lynne and Jim Allin. I turned 16 on Aug 12 but i was volunteering at a camp that week, and the next week my parents were on vacation (the strike began the day they got home). I created the ‘group’ when i got too fed up with no one else trying to resolve the issue. I began it at the beginning of October, and boy has it grown. I currently take the bus to school and am in grade 11. My main message that I would like people to hear is that sure I’m disappointed that I cannot get my licence, but my main concern is for the people who need there licenses for school work or family issues. I am very grateful for the NDP as they have been the most supportive to my cause, and I am very grateful for them bringing up my question in Queens Park (although I’m not sure I really got an answer).”

Jake Allin


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