TUESDAY, Nov. 10/09


Aylmer – A 23-year old Aylmer male was charged with assault and two counts of assault causing bodily harm following three incidents in the past two weeks, the latest being last Wednesday. The victim was a 22-year old female who was punched, kicked  and slapped at a Talbot St. West residence. The male was held in custody pending a court appearance.


-“10,000 Villages Sale” at Old Town Hall upstairs; 11 am-5 pm

COURT NEWS: (From Court proceedings on Oct 27. Nov 2 and Nov 3)

Dan Thiessen, 38, Aylmer was found guilty of assault on a female from a Sept. 11 incident in Aylmer and was sentenced to one day in jail plus time served (53 days).

-An Aylmer woman, 38, was gound guilty of impaired driving from a Sept. 27 incident around 12:30 am after being observed on King St in town and was fined $1000 and given a one year driving prohibition.

-A Malahide man, 41, was found guilty of impaired driving and given 30 days in jail and a 2-year driving suspension after being observed driving around midnight August 15 on John St North.

-An St.Thomas man, 23, was found guilty of theft under $5000, the victim being a 74-year old Aylmer woman, from an August incident and received 9 months probabtion and was ordered to pay $376 restitution

-A 61-year old Malahide woman was guilty of driving  impairment on Wellington St. on Sept. 25 around 7 pm and given a $1200 fine and a one-year’s driving prohibition.



LYONS – If you think Shackleton’s Auctions has been crowded for special “collector’s sales” in the past, you haven’t seen the half of it. And you won’t either.

Shackeltons’  has embraced online bidding for these special sales in the past year, including a major event this past Saturday. And, according to employee/spokesperson LeAnne Sullivan, it’s been a successful experiment:

“We started doing the online bidding last September when we had our first 2 day sale.  Then we used it again last November for another 2 day sale.  Both were collector sales.  We started using it as a lot of other auction companies have started using it as well and have great success in doing so.  It is a great way to promote a sale.  The company we use is called Proxibid and they promote our sale worldwide to all of their customers.  For collector sales it is nice to use as there is a small market of collectors of these items in our area and this brings a larger crowd of collectors in to bid.  We will continue online for collector sales and specialty sales.

It goes over really well and gives people a chance to buy collector items that they want when they are unable to be here. We have bidders from all over the world that register and buy.  For this sale (Saturday), we sold approx. 10% of the sale online to bidders from Ontario, Germany, Hawaii, and many in the U.S (Maryland, Tennessee, Michigan,-to name a few).  This sale we had around 220 bidders onsite at the auction centre and 141 bidders on the internet. ”


One Response to TUESDAY, Nov. 10/09

  1. J.F.Davidson says:

    It is nice to see that you are advising us of the court convictions on a regular basis. Why are you not reporting all the names of all those convicted? Only one name is given. Perhaps we would like to know the others. Mr. Thiessen must feel quite alone. The public does have a right to know the names. After all convictions it is a matter or record. We have a problem with the Aylmer Express not mentioning names of charged persons and convicted persons. Please do not follow their example.

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