SAT., Nov. 14/09


St.Thomas/Thursday – The Senior Eagles repeated as TVRAA South East Champions with a come from behind 19-15 victory over the St. Joseph Rams.

Eagles scored first on a rouge by Brandon Aspden. After an interception by Josh Vanvelzer, QB Trent Lagrandeur marched the Eagles for a TD with key runs by Dustin Rice and Ian Barrie. Barrie scored the TD on a 2 yard runto give the Eagles an 8-0 lead. St Joe’s responded by marching down the field and scoring a TD and a two point conversion to tie the game at 8. Eagles regained the lead with a 30 yard field goal by Aspden before half expired.

St. Joe’s took their only lead of the game on the opening drive of the second half. An Eagle turnover from  the kick off gave the Rams the ball in Eagle territory. A few plays later and St Joe’s scored and went ahead 15-11. Brandon Aspden punted the ball into the end zone again for another rouge to make the score 15-12 Rams. The Eagle defence came up big as they stopped St. Joe’s offence and forced a punt with just over 6 minutes to play.

Eagles began their last drive from their own 30 yard line. Eagles had several successful third down and long yardage situations  to keep the ball and move down the field. QB Jimmy Wiebe made key completions to Steve Barton and Bryce Meertens to keep the drive alive. With less than 20 seconds to play, Wiebe three a pass into the end zone to Scott Walker to make the Championship catch. The point after touchdown by Aspden completed the score at 19-15 EAGLES! Jimmy Wiebe was selected as MVP of the game.

Eagles will now challenge the London Conference Champions on Tuesday November 17 at TD Waterhouse stadium at UWO. Time to be announced.

“Pandemic Update for November 12, 2009: New Clinics For Aylmer”

(From St.Thomas-Elgin Health Unit)

  • There is some good news today as we are once again able to consider expanding the H1N1 immunization clinics to other groups of people.
    • Starting the week of November 16, 2009 clinics will be open to anyone (including those over the age of 65) who:
      • Has an underlying medical condition;
      • Is a household member of a child under the age of 6 months;
      • Is a household member of an individual who has immune system problems (such as cancer treatment, kidney dialysis, taking steroids long term);
      • Is pregnant;
      • Is a health care worker, including first responders such as police, fire and EMS;
      • Is a child from 5–14 years of age.
        • It is anticipated that clinics for people from 15-18 years will be opening by the week of November 23, 2009.
        • Clinics for healthy adults and people over the age of 65 years who do not have a chronic health condition will be announced when vaccine supply is available.
        • While the weekly vaccine supply is started to flow again, it will take about three weeks to receive enough vaccine cover all the new people in the target groups.
        • We are anticipating an announcement on Friday, November 13th regarding the need for second dose of vaccine for children under the age of 10 years.  Currently in Ontario, children under the age of 10 are advised to have two half doses of the vaccine given a minimum of 21 days apart.  Many area children will be due to receive their second dose next week.  Today the Public Health Agency of Canada announced a change in their recommendations and now report that healthy children between the ages of 3 and 9 years of age should only receive a single half-dose of the H1N1 vaccine, and do not need to return for a second dose of vaccine.  Children between 6 months and under 3 years, and children with chronic health conditions between 3 and 9 years of age should continue to receive two half doses administered three weeks apart.  Authorities in Ontario will make an announcement on Friday on how we will proceed in our province.

AYLMER CLINICS = At East Elgin Complex: Mon. Nov 23 and Tues. Nov 24, both 2 – 8 pm.


Dorchester – EESS Juniors defeated Glendale 48-20 and EESS Seniors downed Dorchester 60-25 yesterday here to qualify both teams for the TVRAA finals tonight back at Dorchester High School. The juniors will face Parkside at 6:30 pm and the seniors will battle Ingersoll at 8 pm.


EESS Girls’ Basketball teams in finals at Dorchester; Jr. at 6:30; Sr. at 8 pm

-“10,000 Villages” Sale concludes at Old Town Hall

-Aylmer Spitfires Host Woodstock, 7:30 pm

***AD***(“Pass It On)…We’re not done the pamphlets yet because this week my brother  said he had read “the royals” were touring Canada and he thought Aylmer should do something to celebrate  so he was busy thinking up ideas. I said I thought we had done enough – there was King Street,  Queen Street,  Victoria Street,  Charles Court  Crown court and even the new Dukes Restaurant. And he said nothing was ever done to honour the Prince’s father so he wants everyone to go to the local gas stations and buy as much gas as they can. He wants to call it….. ‘Fillup’ Day!…..Sometimes I wonder if the child inhaled too many fumes working on his dad’s gas truck……Anyway if you can pass this website along, we’ll try to get back to pamphlets. We, especially His Highness, ………..would appreciate it.


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