WED., Nov. 18/09


LONDON – Mother Theresa downed EESS Seniors 30-7 at UWO Tuesday in the Challenge Cup football match.

The Eagle defense met the challenge early stifling the Spartan attack in the first quarter. Scott Walker nearly relived last weeks heroics with a catch in the end zone but this time the ball bounced just out of his reach. It was a 0-0 after the first quarter.

The second quarter had MTS score seventeen unanswered points. Two long field goals, a fumble recovery for a TD, and an offensive drive that was capped by a one yard run had the Eagles facing an uphill battle in the second half.

The score went to 27-0 when the Eagle specialty teams made an impact. A blocked punt at the end of the third quarter put the Eagles in scoring territory. A 20 yard touchdown pass from Trent Lagrandeur to Scott Walker which was converted by Brandon Aspden put East Elgin on the score board.

Riding the momentum of the touchdown, the Eagles tried and were successful with an on side kick and regained possession of the ball at mid-field. The Spartans defense would not allow any thoughts of a comeback by the Eagles and closed the door for the victory.

Ian Barrie had keys plays with the blocked punt and also blocked a field goal attempt. Mitch Roloson had several receptions that went for big yards in both halves.


H1N1 CASES UPDATE: (From Laura McLachlin, Elgin-St. Thomas Health Unit)

“There have been 42 cases of either H1N1 or Influenza A virus diagnosed in Elgin County residents since September 24th.  I cannot determine how many are still ill at this time.

The breakdown of the cases indicate:

34% are ages 0-9 years

6% are ages 10-19 years

29% are ages 20-39 years

20% area ages 40-59 years

11% are ages 60 years and older

The range of cases is 9 months to 68 years.

School absentee rates for elementary schools this week are sitting at 3% this week in comparison to 6% last week and 12% the week before that.”



(Info supplied by Aylmer Councilor Judi Wright)

The torch is passing through Aylmer, December 22nd. The times are 12:11 to 12:35. It will be arriving from Tillsonburg and going to a ‘celebration’ in St.Thomas. We want to encourage everyone to come out and support the runners (we do not know who they are yet) and to show their spirit by ‘Painting Aylmer Red’ – suggestions – fly the Canadian flag, wear a red toque, decorate your shop windows with red and white, buy a pair of ‘Red Mitts’……….anything that shows the Canadian Spirit. The schools are participating in a poster contest. There will be more news to come as we get closer to the date.

2010 Olympic torch


AYLMER POLICE REPORT: “Teen Mischief Warnings”

Nov. 13 – Three male teens, aged 13-14, were issued warnings and had their parents notified after incidents on Myrtle St.  Friday night.  A 69-year old female resident called police after they knocked on her door and fled around 8:15 pm; police responded but found no one. The resident called police again around 9:30 after responding to a knock and finding no one but a burning bag of feces on her front step. Police found the youths hiding along the Catfish Creek bank. The youths were also ordered to apologize to the woman and clean up the mess.


“With regard to the dispute over the location of a mysterious cemetery alleged to contain some of Mrs. Hoshal’s ancestors, I say leave it be. If this goes on too long you may draw the attention of some of Canada’s Native people who will claim the whole area as sacred land. There is hardly any location in the populous southwestern Ontario Carolinian Forest that may not have the bones of a Native Canadian. They all wandered freely and died everywhere… How much more proof does anyone need. How many times of the past few decades has anyone laid flowers on these alleged graves?  Why now do they suddenly care about the location after so many years of neglect? Give it up and let Mr. Csinos get on with business.” (JF Davidson)


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