THURSDAY, Nov. 19/09

***SPORTS UPDATE*** – EESS Jr. defeated St Mikes 34-21 this morning; advance to WOSSA final at 6 pm at St Mikes, Stratford.


-EESS Jr. Girls Basketball in WOSSA playoffs vs. St Mikes at Stratford St. Mikes, 10 am; winner advances to 6 pm final.

-APAC = Guy Davis, blues guitartist, at Old Town Hall Theatre, 7:30 pm


The 8th annual Aylmer Museum Tour of Homes is this Friday and Saturday from 7 to 10 pm. and Sunday 1-4 pm. Homes for viewing include by:  Dan and Nova Axford 52 Sinclair, Tressa Caverly, Rogers Road by Pinecroft, Keith and Dr. Anne Howe 48318 Conservation Line, and 36 Pine St. W., a Heritage Designated home. Tickets are $15 and can be purchased at several Aylmer stores or by calling the Museum, 773-9723.


London – Donald Dhaene, 48,  of London, formerly of Aylmer, was one of the recepients of the Pillar NonProfit Network awards, presented at the London Convention Centre last Thursday.

The Pillar organization provides “support for non-profit groups to fulfill their missions” in the London area.  Dhaene won the Community Leadership Award and a $2500 honourarium. He announced he was dividing the money between the London Abused Womens Centre, the Palace Theatre Restoration Project and New Frontiers, which assists adults with developmental difficulties .

The award announcement read: “Donald D’Haene was nominated by Katrina Callahan for his courage to speak up about his own terrible experience with abuse and his courage to champion the cause of other victims.  Through his prolific and generous volunteering, Donald reaches out to a diverse array of people in need. His unwavering commitment has led to international speaking presentations, as well as a prestigious spot on the board of directors of the London Abused Women’s Centre. Whether through the written word or musical theatre, Donald aligns his artistic gifts with his drive to help others. The resulting creations inspire everyone they touch.”

Dhaene, who grew up in Elgin County until he was 25 and lived in Aylmer for 4 years, has wrirtten a book, “Fathers Touch”, about being a victim of sexual abuse in his home. The story has also been the focus of a documentary, “When Nobodys Looking”. In an email to ‘AylmerNews’ he said he is currently editor of ‘Beat’ online, is the  producer of “Nine- The Musical” slated for March at the London Palace Theatre and is working on a play about his abuse experience.


Port Burwell – Kevin Abell, a former EESS student and native of Bayham, who resides just outside the village, has recently written a book ‘ The Edge of His Cloak’. Keven, who is married with 4 children and works at the StThomas Mufflerman, describes his publication:
“This book has been self published by Author House.  The book isavailable as print on demand so upon publishing, only one copy was printed. Books are printed as they are ordered.  So far, I have had 126 copies printed.   They can be purchased online through    They can be ordered at The Gospel Lighthouse in St. Thomas.  They sell for around $25
at The Gospel Lighthouse.  The Word of Life in Aylmer has also agreed to sell them and they should be available there in the near future.  They are also available at the resource center at Faith Baptist Church in St. Thomas.

In December of 2008, my wife and I had the opportunity to have lunch with one of the young women who used to be a part of our youth group. During our time together, she shared with us that she was struggling with depression.  I left our time together that day feeling both encouraged and conflicted. However, I don’t think I would be way off base in saying that in
our lives, there are people that we are confident in.  This particular young lady was one who I was quite confident in.

(Inspiration for title?) Matthew 14:36- “People brought all their sick to him and begged him to let the sick just touch the edge of his cloak, and all who touched him were healed.” Here at Gennesaret, people came from all over the countryside to seek  healing, even just to touch the edge of His cloak.  I couldn’t reconcile why our friend continues to suffer if she really knew Jesus personally. If she came to Him in the same way as the people of Gennesaret, would He help her in any way?

That is how it began.  It began for two reasons.  Firstly, I hope in some way to help our young friend.  Secondly, I needed to work through and reconcile the truth of the Bible with what I saw in front of me.

I have approximately 3 chapters left to go in my next book.  I say, ‘approximately’, because I guess I’m not absolutely sure.  Perhaps I’ll need more in order to bring the topic to a close.  I haven’t set the title in stone, but I am considering calling it, “Authentic Love (In A Superficial
World)”  The motivation for that one actually revolves around my children. Many parents do in fact spend a great deal of time teaching their children many things.  Many parents send their kids to some form of martial arts. Many parents enrol their children in music lessons.  Hordes of children take part in competitive sports whether they be hockey, soccer or basketball. We intentionally teach our children many things, but rarely do we intentionally
teach them how to love.”



(Information supplied by Rod Tapp, Aylmer’s Director of Operations)

Aylmer’s leaf collection starts annually in mid to late October when the majority of leaves have fallen and residents have had a chance to rake and/ or bag (bio-degradable bags only) the leaves for pick up.  The pickup lasts until mid to late November.

The Town collects the leaves and transports them to a Town owned site just south of Town where the leaves along with the brush and yard waste that is collected at other specified times throughout the year is piled in windrows for composting.  The Town has an arrangement with a local farming and composting operation that comes in and takes the composted materials for use in their operations. All organic materials collected by the Town are composted and recycled for use, thus not going to landfill.

Aylmer is one of only a few communities that I am aware of that offer this type of service to their residents.  Smaller communities tend to offer this type of full service to their residents where as larger communities, such as London collect bagged leaves, but do not have a
composting program in place.  The bagged leaves are taken directly to landfill which is a major waste of precious landfill space.

There are many issues, pros and cons that exist with the boulevard collection of loose leaves compared to bio-de-gradable bagged collection. A complete review and detailed report with recommendations for the Town’s entire Waste and Recycling Programs will be forthcoming to Council sometime in the new year that will address these issues.


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