FRIDAY, Nov. 20/09




Stratford – East Elgin won their first ever WOSSA junior girls basketball crown by clipping Oakridge 45-37 here Thursday. High scorers were Averen Nooren, with 11 pt., Kera Corneilssen with 9 and Ellen Bode with 8. The juniors had three Grade 9s as starters this year so coach Jeff Vansevenant expects another strong effort next year.

YESTERDAY’s STORY- UPDATE:    “Abells To Appear On 100 Huntley St. TV”
“One other piece of information that might be of interest;  My wife and I have recently been invited to be guests on 100 Huntley St.  If this actually comes to fruition, we should be taping the show on Dec 17th and the episode is scheduled to air on Dec 23.” (Contributed by Kevin Abell)


-Museum ‘Tour of Homes’, 7-10 pm

-(Nov. 28 is Aylmer Santa Claus Parade)

-Aylmer Ambulance Base – Open House – 2-5 pm


A Yahoo News report yesterday stated that many US communities, both urban and rural,  have imposed “clothesline bans”, apparently mostly for neighbourhood appearance purposes. AylmerNews inquired about any such local situations and received this reply from Dan Dale, Aylmer’s Director of Planning:

“I am not aware of any restriction specific to clotheslines in any subdivision or condo developments here in Aylmer, and I would not have any knowledge regarding other municipalities. The type of restriction you are referencing is what is typically referred to as Builder or Developer covenant. Requirements such as amount of Brick verses siding, antenna verses cable, paved verses poured concrete driveways and yes clothesline verses no clothesline etc. are some of the kinds of controls that would be found in a typical developer
covenant. In other words, terms and conditions that a developer imposes on other builders or individuals who purchase a lot and build in their subdivision. These covenants typically run for a specified period of time and would be registered on title. The municipality does not
typically impose these kinds of conditions as they are specific to and at the developer’s discretion, and their responsibility to police .

That said, if the municipality and the developer agree, the terms or conditions of the developer or in some cases those of the municipality could be a schedule to or a general condition contained within the subdivision agreement and would then be conditions that would have to be complied with prior to final approvals being given. I am not aware of this approach having ever been taken here in Aylmer.


(This is an editted version of a story from ‘The Tillsonburg News’ this week, by Jeff Tribe, on the HOPE  organic food business operated by Amish farmers east of Aylmer.)

HOPE (Healthy Old-fashioned Pastoral Eco-Farms) produces organic vegetables and pastured pork products and is operated by Amish farmers Franz Seeberger, Ira Stoll, and Mervin Miller. They have an office at 50521 Glencolin Line, R.4 Aylmer.  They began this venture about 20 years ago and now have about 20 Amish farmers growing for them. They tried to promote their organic produce – mostly lettuce, peas,  spanish onions, tomatoes, potatoes – locally but found little success among area consumers. So they found  eager markets in Toronto even though they hope to get back into local sales and save transportation costs. They added ‘natural’ pork three years ago as the hogs are raised outdoors and are free from antibiotics and growth hormones with a natural diet. You can actually call and leave a voice mail for more information, 765-1031.

YESTERDAY’s  STORY UPDATE: “Leaf Collection”

In response to inquiries, Ingersoll and St. Marys also have curbside leaf collections.


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  1. Mt says:

    In regards to the article “CLOTHESLINES HUNG OUT TO DRY IN U.S……BUT NOT AYLMER…..YET!” In 2008 the province of Ontario put in new regulations that overrule the neighbourhood rules. Even if a subdivision has conditions in place that limit or prohibit the use of clotheslines those rules can not be enforced.
    For more information
    (you have to scroll down about a quarter of the page to find the information)

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