SAT., Nov. 21/09


FRIDAY SPITFIRES HOCKEY = “New Hamburg 2, Aylmer 1 (shootout)”

At New Hamburg – Aylmer tied the game 1-1 at 18:46 of the third period;….. Goal = Schruder (Maracle);….. NH outshot Aylmer 50-39 (23 shots in P2!); …..NH won the shootout 2-1;…..  Aylmer record= 4-9-2

Next Game – Tonight, host Dunnville (0-15) at 7:30 pm.




Spitfires Hockey – 7:30

-Aylmer Museum ‘Tour of Homes’ : 7-10 pm

-(Monday, Tuesday = H1N1 Clinics in Aylmer)



***   THE  SATURDAY  (S)CEREAL!!! ***   (Historic East Elgin  Events)


Glencolin – (This happened,  here, just east of Aylmer)

George Bain of Glencolin was found guilty of manslaughter and sentenced to 5 years in Kingston penitentiary for the following incident. Bain was “on bad terms” with his wife, he had beaten her on previous occasions and she had even reported  one such beating to the police. After an argument one day she left and went to stay with her son, Bain’s stepson,  a Mr. Smart. After a couple weeks Bain arrived at the Smart home one morning as Mr and Mrs Smart were outside chopping wood. Smart told Bain, who had been drinking,  to leave the property but Bain said he wanted to go in and see his wife. Bain entered the front door and Smart took his axe and went around to the back door. Inside, Smart told Bain to leave or he would “kill him” and Bain, seeing the axe raised, lunged at Smart and the axe dropped and the two women grabbed the axe and hid it under a bed. Smart then went outside and grabbed a “whippletree” branch and brought it back and Bain again grabbed it away. Now Bain struck Smart with the club, Mrs. Smart said he hit him four times, and broke his skull. Bain left and Smart was helped to his bed where he died the next day. The jury deliberated only 15 minutes before reaching their verdict.


***AD (Pass it on!)***

“My brother has informed he won’t be delivering pamphlets next Friday because he heard it was the Thanksgiving holiday again. I told him it was the American Thanksgiving, we already had ours. And he said,isnt that just like the Americans to celebrate ours and then have another. I said, we each have our own and he said, the Americans planned it that way so they could do both. He said, what about May 24th and I said , yes we had ours first then they had a day later on. He said, what about July and I said, yes again we had our holiday first and then they had ours; he said, what about that new holiday in the winter, and I said, sure we had ours first. And he said: point proven, they planned it that way; they “outholidayed us”. Then he announced he was going to have two birthdays this year but have them both on the same day so he could get twice the presents at once…….Egads…Anyway, please pass this website on as looks like we’re still behind on promotions. We,… especially Mr. Double Gobble,… would appreciate it!!!”


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