MONDAY, Nov. 23/09


Aylmer= Aylmer led 5-1 after the second period;  SOG = Aylmer 43-30;  Record: 5-9-2, now tied with Paris (Dunnville winless this year);

Scoring = Maracle (Schruder); Bean (Farquhar, Haines); Maracle (Schruder, Pfohl); Bean (Farquhar, Mullin); Bornais (Roloson, Vandepoele); Pfohl (Schruder); Pfohl (Donovan, Hunter).

Next Games:  Wed. – Aylmer at Glanbrook; Friday – at Norwich; Sunday – at Simcoe.


-H1N1 Clinic at East Elgin Complex, 2-8 pm


(This report was submitted by Kelly Franklin, Director of Farmtown Canada, in response to questions from AylmerNews. Farmtown Canada is located on Mapleton Road, just east of Highway 74 on the north side,  and operates a farm “to provide quality Christian experiences for school age children.”

“We hosted a work day on Saturday to help us prepare fix and bring back up to safety and our own personal standards the site that allows Funny Farm Ministries Inc to operate its amazing and life changing programs to children and youth..its called Farmtown Canada..Everyone from young to old can participate for all or part of the work bee.There are things to do outside, inside the barn and bunkhouse, office things to help with custodial, animal related, farm related, building related…We usually cook a big pot of something and feed everyone lunch.

We are just a small hobby farm that allows a registered charity to use our site for ag tourism and brightening the lives of children and families.  We still have our daily routines and farm life..We have a large variety of animals but just a few of each to teach life lessons and promote agriculture and farming in Ontario with members of the OFA EFA Ontario and Canadian Haflinger Associations. All the rest of our program camp and counseling information can be found on our website

We are speaking out to promote the charity during the next 3 months to canvass for donations…last year we did not sacrifice numbers of children because of lack of finances from families..particularly from Elgin.  We average 1200 children per year and you can add the adults, teens, volunteers and families we work with or visit us..add to that the current online support of parents and youth accessing us on facebook on a casual peer mentor basis and you pretty much have us..We work very hard at what we do and offer what we have to our home and local communities first…news spreads and many agencies and children’s camps etc have taken advantage of what we have to offer from Ingersoll, Tillsonburg,Union and London.

This past work day we were fortunate and blessed by an amazing group of youth and young adults from Mount Salem Evangelical Mennonite Church- they brought almost 45 people who were not just young people who just wanted to visit and help, but many skilled trades people coming with their whole family . Their hearts are to serve and that is what they did.

Children and  Animals together are making a future community of empowered little people.  We must remember to keep the homefires burning and look after the children and youth that are our local mission field.


-A lawn mower was stolen from an unlocked shed on Anne St.  overnight Sunday night.

-Yesterday a window at the front of Elgin Furniture, Talbot St. E., was smashed about 5 am; a 26-year old Aylmer male was charged with the offence.

-A 29-year old Aylmer female reported her wallet stolen last week from an unlocked vehicle on Malanie Drive.

-Police are also investigating an attempted fraud last week involving the Mapleton Church of Christ as someone managed to use data from a missing church cheque to try and get funds for “a student in Uganda” from a local bank but the bank denied them access to church funds.


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