TUES., Nov. 24/09


“Pandemic Update for November 23, 2009 (Issued byElgin Health Unit)”

  • We are now three weeks into the pH1N1 immunization campaign and the vaccine is now available to all residents of Ontario that are over the age of 6 months. A steady supply of vaccine has been restored which reduces concerns about running out of vaccine.
  • From October 26th until November 20th, approximately 17,800 doses of H1N1 vaccine have been distributed and/or administered to people in Elgin County.  This represents:
    • Elgin St. Thomas Public Health Clinics                  10,000
    • Physicians and Nurse Practitioners                         5,100
    • Hospitals (2)                                                               1,500
    • Long Term Care Facilities                                            700
    • Ontario Police College                                                  500
  • 17,800 immunized would represent about 20% of the population of St.Thomas and Elgin County.
  • The proportion of people immunized at community clinics by age is:
    • Age 6 months – less than 2 years                  591                6%
    • Age 2 years to less than 5 years                 1,072              11%
    • Age 5 years to less than 19 years               1,706              17%
    • Age 19 years to less than 65 years            5,252              53%
    • Age 65 and older                                          1,323              13%
  • The community immunization clinics will remain focused on the pH1N1 vaccine until December 3rd.
  • Starting December 7th, we are planning to transition into clinics that will provide both the pH1N1 and the seasonal influenza vaccine clinics.
  • We anticipate wrapping up the community clinics on Wednesday, December 16th.
  • The schedule of clinic locations and times between December 7th and December 16th will be available shortly.
  • Many people ask us when they can have their seasonal flu shot after their pH1N1 flu shot.  There is no recommended delay between the two vaccines.  The vaccines can be given on the same day as long as they are not given in the same arm.  Many practitioners are focusing on pH1N1 vaccine at this time and will transition into seasonal vaccine in a couple of weeks.

UPDATE: Re-Leaf Collection in Aylmer Story -” Ingersoll’s Program”

(Submitted by John Phillips, Director of Public Works in response to Aylmer News inquiry)

The Town of Ingersoll still does a curbside leaf pickup starting mid October and running to the third week in November (or when snow makes it impossible to collect).We provide a weekly pickup during this time. We ask residents to rake the leaves onto the boulevard and not onto the road (kids play in piles, leaves plug basins, piles are a hazard to traffic).

We use 2 Giant Vac leaf loaders that blow the leaves into trucks. The trucks have large capacity boxes mounted on them. This operation takes 3 employees to carry out. One to drive the truck, one to run the pickup hose, and one to rake the leaves into the hose when they encounter big piles. We dump the leaves in our yard and a contractor with triaxle trucks haul
them to a compost site at the landfill. The leaves are compacted when they are picked up off the street so they are fairly easy to load into the triaxles. This is a simplified version of our program. We have looked at different ways to collect and we still find this method the best.


“The LCBO, Wellington St.,  in Aylmer recently celebrated its 50th anniversary. It was built on the site of Smiths Planing Mill at a cost of  $70,000 by Gilvesys of Tillsonburg.   Its original business hours were 10am- 6 pm, closed on Tuesdays. Before this store opened, Aylmer residents had to go to St.Thomas for liquor at the LCBO pictured, which was built in l927!.


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