SAT., Nov. 28/09



Aylmer – Today’s Christmas Parade is the 65th organized by the Aylmer Kinsmen Club; they took over planning the big event in 1944 just a few weeks after the Club was started.

Actually there had been no parade in town for 3 years during the World War ll.  So there was a huge turnout when the day was revived. And really, though there were other activities,  there wasn’t much of a ‘ parade’.  On Saturday, Dec. 16,  at 1:30 the Aylmer Boys Band greeted Santa at the north end (appropriate!) of town and, with Aylmerites lining John St.,  accompanied his horse-drawn sleigh to the Bandshell.  There children were treated to a bag of candy and an orange. Children were also provided with free shows at the Strand Theatre (corner John St/ Sydenham) at both 10 am (for town children) and 2:30 (for rurals). Teachers volunteered to supervise the children while parents were ‘encouraged’ to do some downtown shopping.

Previous parades in the 1930s, concluding with the one in 1940,  were sponsored by the Aylmer Businessmens Association and followed a similar theme.  Santa was met at the edge of town by the Boys Band, the children followed him to the Town Hall auditorium, they were given goodies, and they enjoyed free shows. Except for 1939, when Santa arrived in a red airplane that came from London, circled the town, and then landed at the fairgrounds and then he rode the firetruck to the Town Hall!


Bayham (From the Elgin OPP) – Two Bayham Township women have been sent to Victoria hospital in London, both listed in critical condition after a serious two vehicle collision which occurred around 11:25am Friday.  The collision occurred where Jackson Line intersects Plank Road in Bayham Township.  At the time of the collision a 1997 Chevy Blazer was traveling eastbound on Jackson Line approaching Plank Rd.  The Chevy Blazer was being operated by a 19 year old woman while seated beside her was a 50 year of woman, in the backseat was a 4 year old male,  all of Bayham Township.  As the Chevy Blazer entered the intersection of Jackson Line and Plank Road the Chevy Blazer was struck on the driver’s side by a 1992 GMC pickup truck traveling southbound on Plank Rd.  The GMC pickup truck was being operated by a 27 year old Bayham Twp man.  All parties from both vehicles were transported to the Tillsonburg General Hospital.  The nineteen year old driver of the Chevy Blazer was later airlifted to Victoria Hospital with life threatening injuries.  The 50 year old female passenger was also later transferred to Victoria Hospital in critical but stable condition.  The four year old was uninjured.  The 27 year male driver of the pickup truck is listed in serious but stable condition in the Tillsonburg General Hospital.

“Pandemic Update for November 27 (From Elgin Health Unit)”

Attendance at community based H1N1 immunization clinics has remained high this week with 800-900 people attending each of the clinics.  Four clinics scheduled for the week of November 30th will also focus on delivery of the H1N1 vaccine.   Starting the week of December 7, 2009, both the H1N1 and seasonal flu vaccines will be offered at all community clinics. Community clinics will be ending on Thursday, December 17, 2009.  By the time we end the clinics on December 17th, we will have been vaccinating for eight weeks. The need for further clinics will be considered at that time.

One of the most frequent questions we are asked these days is “Why should I bother having a seasonal flu shot this year?” It is a very valid question and the opinions on the answer are varied.  It is likely that much will be said about this issue over the next few weeks. Here are some thoughts to consider as you make your decision about proceeding with your seasonal flu shot.

  • The underlying principle of any influenza vaccination program is always an attempt to reduce serious illness, hospitalizations and deaths in those most vulnerable to complications from the illness.
  • As seen in other areas around the world, it is anticipated that H1N1 flu virus will continue to circulate throughout the winter although the rate of illness overall may be low.
  • While we expect H1N1 will be the main circulating virus this winter, no one knows that for sure.  At this time there is only one small cluster of influenza that is not H1N1 strain circulating in Quebec.
  • It is still early in our winter season.  We typically see influenza outbreaks to a varying degree in the early months of each year.  There is conflicting opinions on whether a seasonal strain of influenza could circulate and take advantage of vulnerable populations over the next few months.
  • While circulating flu viruses are not the same strain every year and at times drift during the year, it is understood that receiving a seasonal flu shot each year boosts your immunity to the flu virus in general. The impact of skipping a year is not understood.
  • We know that having the flu shot well before a flu season is better than having it during a flu season.  It takes about two weeks for an immunized person to develop their best immune response.

FRIDAY SPITS HOCKEY:  “Aylmer 6 Norwich 2; Maracle Scores 3!”

Norwich –  Aylmer (7-9-2) climbed out of the basement in upending one of the league’s top teams (15-5);  SOG = Norwich by 28-24; Aylmer led 2-1 after  P2

Goals – Pfohl; Vandepoele; Roloson (North); Maracle (Bornais, Pfohl); Maracle (Bornais); Maracle.

Next Game – Tomorrow at Simcoe 7 pm


-Christmas Parade 2 pm

-Club 7 Paper Drive


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