FRIDAY, Dec. 4/09


Elementary Schools P.A. Day

-Booksigning – Kevin Abell is signing his book -“The Edge of His Cloak” at the Words of Life bookstore on Talbot St. W from 1-5 pm

-APAC performance “Christmas With Arcady” – 7:30 pm- at Old Town Hall Theatre


(Info supplied by Staff Adviser Stacey Suffel in response to AylmerNews inquiries)
We have received several grants…(1) Green Apple Grant and Metro Grocery Stores (2) East Elgin Alumni Foundation (3) Health School.  With the money from these grants we were able to purchase 2 new water fountains.  One of the fountains is by the cafeteria and the other is on the second floor of the school.  The Environment Club was hoping these new water fountains that provide cold water and have a spout to fill up water bottles would promote staff and student to bring in reusable drink containers (and prevent the purchase of plastic recycled water bottles).

We applied for the Earth Day and Sobey’s grant in the summer of 2009.  We are in the process of planting several threatened Carolinian tree species, a butterfly garden (to promote habitat awareness), an erosion control garden, and several solar panels for lights around the school.  The Green Industries class, that has Sean Beilhartz as a teacher, will be doing all of the garden work (with the exception of installing the landstone rocks).  There will be information plaques at each station.  We decided on this project because it would create awareness around the school as well as be sustainable.

There are about 30 students in the Environment Club. We have been on several field trips (winterizing a nursery and running education centres for elementary students for the Carolinian Festival).  We try and have 1 environmental awareness week per year. Last year we sold stainless steel drink containers as a fundraiser with EESS on them.  We have a ‘lights off’ campaign where club member check rooms in the school and lunch and after school to remind staff to turn off their lights when they leave the room.

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