SATURDAY, Dec. 5/09


-Springfield Santa Parade – 1pm

-Port Burwell Santa Parade – 6 pm

-(Sunday – Belmont Santa Parade – 6 pm)

-Spits Hockey – host Norwich 7:30 pm

-Rescheduled – Kevin Abell signing his book “The Edge of His Cloak”   at Words of Life bookstore, Talbot St. W, from 1-5 pm

– Breakfast with Santa – 9am – Noon – Aylmer Optimist Hall, Queen St.,  – $5 – sponsored by Aylmer Fair Board

-Springwater Spirit Walk – 6-8 pm – Adults $5

-(Sunday – Aylmer Community Choir/Band Concert – 3 pm – Old Town Hall Theatre; Adults – $8)


Senior – EESS 42, AVSS 41 (Cornelissen 11, Carson Morse 9)


(The ‘Lambs’  terrorized the Straffordville area for about a decade – between jail terms – in the l870s and l880s. Part I appeared on Wednesday)

After a five year lull in criminal activity in Bayham – the time Frank Cairns was in jail for offences in the late l870s – the ‘ Bayham Lambs’  apparently reorganized with their leader out and 1886 witnessed a rash of burglaries.  Coats and horse harnesses were targetted once more. However in November, the St.Thomas Journal reported: “Bayham Lambs Penned”.

The first caught was a Peter Wright, 30, also wanted in Michigan for robbery, who was cornered in Walter Cairns’ house. Local constables arrived with a posse at Walter Cairns, father of Frank, near Straffordville after a masked robbery.  Walter Cairns, who had served time for acting as a receiver of stolen goods for his son’s earlier crime spree, was charged again as a quantity  of harnesses and robes were found here. Apparently Wright and Frank had arrived in the night with their merchandise. But Frank fled and outran a constable as the posse arrived.   When the Aylmer constable returned for a further  search the next day and put up a ladder to the attic he was met by Wright who pointed a gun and threatened his life(while wearing one of the  stolen coats!)  The Constable’s posse of  8 men drew their guns but nothing further developed. The Constable then sent a couple men to St Thomas for direction on how to deal with Wright but authorities there couldn’t make up their minds quickly so the men returned with curious locals in tow – there were 30 rigs tied up in the yard. And strangely Wright now had 3 friends up there with him (?). So the Constable gave him 15 minutes to come down or he would set the house on fire so down he came. In December , Wright was found guilty of 9 thefts and he received 5 years in the penitentiary .

In March 1887, Frank Cairns was captured in a shack in a swamp in Houghton and other arrests followed. Verman Vanderberg, Joseph Leach and Walter Smuck and William Smuck were all picked up as part of the Lambs gang. In June  the trials began. Vanderberg, who got 2 years,  and Walter Smuck, 6 months, were found guilty but his brother and Leach were acquitted. A Thomas Dennis, who went by the alias of ‘St Pauls Epistle to the Thessalonians’ was found  guilty for trying to blame Water Cairns for a robbery and he got 2 years. Frank was on trial for 9 offences he committed with Wright and he received a 5 year term – the same that he had previously. The Judge decided to be lenient even though it was his second crime run saying he wanted to give Frank another chance of reclaiming himself, also saying “his dad not a good example early in his life  as he was brought up amongst bad and low company and he hoped  he would learn a trade.”  And so the exploits of the Lambs ended after a return engagement with leader Frank Cairns in jail a second time.


(Contributed by Leigh Mauer, Belmont)


Total # of Provincial Offences Charges (Elgin Detachment and Highway Safety Division) = 161
Total # of Warnings = 20
Highway Safety Division Charges = 40
Elgin Detachment = 121
Charges by Zone
Zone 1 (South of Mapleton to Hwy #3) = 16 (10%)
Zone 2 (Mapleton 60km/hr) = 61 (38%)
Zone 3 (North of Mapleton) = 84 (52%)
Summary of Charges
Community Safety Zone Charges (Zone 1 South of Mapleton) = 7
Drive Motor Vehicle – No licence = 1
Disobey Stop Sign – Fail to Stop = 1
Driver Fail to wear Seatbelt = 2
Drive with Seatbelt Removed = 2
Commercial Motor Vehicles = 3
Fail to surrender Insurance Card = 3
Drive with Expired Permit = 2
Fail to Surrender Plate = 1
Speeding = 139
Summary of Charges by Time of Day and Date
30 Mar 09 – 03 Apr 09 7am-9am = 34 – (21%)
04 Apr 09 – 05 Apr 09 7am-9am = 9 – (5%)
06 Apr 09 – 10 Apr 09 3pm-5pm = 68 – (42%)
11 Apr 09 – 12 Apr 09 3pm-5pm = 14 – (6%)
13 Apr 09 – 17 Apr 09 7am-9am = 20 – (12.4%)
18 Apr 09 – 19 Apr 09 3pm-5pm = 7 – (4%)
20 Apr 09 – 24 Apr 09 3pm-5pm = 9 – (5%)
7am-9am = 63 – (39%)
3pm-5pm = 98 –  (61%)
Summary of Speed by Speed Limit
80km/hr Zone Highest Speed = 128km/h
80km/hr Zone Average Speed = 105.6km/h
60km/hr Zone Highest Speed = 97km/h
60km/hr Zone Average Speed = 82.9 km/h
50km/hr Zone Highest Speed = 79km/h
50km/hr Zone Average Speed = 73.3km/h


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