MONDAY, Dec. 7/09


Aylmer- Police report that an attempted robbery occurred at downtown Hills Pharmacy  around 10 am today. A Hills employee responded to a buzzer at the back entrance and through a peephole viewed a thinnish, young male in a black hoodie standing there holding a knife. The man fled, actually two males were seen running east through the alleyway, when the door was not opened. Police are looking for the suspects. (Aylmer Police still have no leads on the young woman, knife in hand, who robbed Shoppers of a quantity of Oxycontin ten days ago.)

SPITS WEEKEND HOCKEY:  “Lose Twice – to Norwich and to Paris”

Saturday, At Aylmer – Norwich 4, Aylmer 3 (shootout)

-First place Norwich (18-5-0) outshot Aylmer (7-10-3) by 55-21 but had to overcome a 3-1 deficit in the third period.

-Aylmer Goals = Bean (Roloson, Farquhar); Farquhar (Haines, Bean); Maracle.

Sunday, In Paris –  Paris 4, Aylmer 1

-Last place Paris (6-12-2) outshot Aylmer 36-30;  2 players from each side were ejected for fighting in the final minute; Aylmer Goal – Pfohl (Harbour, Maracle)

-Next Games – Saturday, host New Hamburg; Sunday at Simcoe


-Cooper, ‘Bill;  New Sarum;  in 79th year;  On Dec. 6;  Visitation on Tuesday 2-4 and 7-9 at Kebbel Funeral Home, Aylmer;  Funeral – Wednesday 1 pm


Aylmer- North End Auto, owned by brothers Jeff, Andy and Tony Haayema,  is moving – farther north!  It is leaving the present building and relocating in the former Putnams Garage, just outside of town, in early January. The owners plan to expand their operations to include fleet and commercial vehicles. The recycling depot will continue at the back of Putnams.


“Aylmer” –  (Peter Aylmer  of London, England has a website on ‘Aylmers’ ; he has info on  families with the surname, places -not just our Aylmer or Aylmer Quebec- and famous Aylmers in history,  including our town’s historical canning plant. Following is his response to AylmerNews inquiries about his site.)

“I began the site because I have always been interested in the Aylmer name. It’s a very distinctive surname, one rarely if ever encounters other Aylmers in the normal course of life, and it’s clearly of interesting derivation. Many other English surnames relate to trade (‘Butcher’), or physical appearance (‘Redhead’), or placename (‘Chester’); there’s no obvious source root for Aylmer, unless one goes back into the early history of England with its ‘Aethelreds’ and so on.  My site isn’t though primarily a genealogy site; rather, it explores the connections of the Aylmer name.

Aylmer placenames, especially in Canada, were named for Matthew, the 5th Baron Aylmer, Governor General of British North America, 1831 to 1835. He was not seen as a success in Canada, striving without success to find a formula to reconcile the French speakers of ‘Lower Canada’ with the English speakers elsewhere.  Clearly he did enough to impress the early settlers of the various Aylmer communities, including a lake and a town in Quebec, to honour him by taking his name. It’s striking how the Aylmer places in Canada are spread out across the nation, from your own town and Quebec to NWT and Alberta, and how varied they are, from busy suburb to remote mountain peak.

From time to time world-wide Aylmers, or descendants of, contact me through the website, and almost all of them add some content to it. However your contact is, I think, the first from Canada.  I do answer all enquiries. The frequency of Aylmers in England is… around 400. There is fewer than one Aylmer per million in Canada, equating to around 24 in the whole country.  There are most, proportionately, in Ireland, a reflection of the long-standing baronial Aylmers, though it’s a moot point whether these were of original Irish stock or simply reflect the colonisation of Ireland by wealthy English in mediaeval times. The 1841 UK census shows that English Aylmers were then mostly living in either the south-east or the county of Norfolk, in East Anglia. … Norwich, the county town of Norfolk, remains top of the ‘city’ list however.”


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