WED., Dec. 9/09


EESS Girls Hockey Host Parkside, 3:15 pm



Wall, Helen D.,  Tuesday,  of Springfield,  in her 60th year;  Visitation today at Kebbel Funeral Home 2-4 , 7-9;  Funeral Thursday 2 pm at Reinland Fellowship Church.

“IMMANUEL CHRISTIAN SCHOOL – ‘Christmas Events'” (Submitted)

-“This Friday evening, Dec. 11, the staff and students are presenting a “Journey to Bethlehem” (often called a “Bethlehem Walk”).  Our journeying visitors will be guided to various stations and meet shepherds, angels, wisemen, people at a market place, guests at an inn and, of course, the stable.  At each stop, students will be filling the roles of people you might have met around Bethlehem so long ago.  Tours leave from the front of the school (75 Caverly Road) every 10 minutes from 6:30 to 8:30.  Admission is free, and everyone is welcome!! We are hoping for good weather, so we can hold it outside, but we’ll adjust to indoors if necessary.

-Another exciting project is that our students are raising money to purchase “Gifts that Keep Giving” through an organization (CRWRC) that provides resources for people in other countries.  The idea is to provide something a family can use that can then be used to support or take care of other families.  Our JK-S/K and Grade 1/2 classes have so far purchased 4 fish farms.  Grade 3/4 is starting on a second calf, and Grade 5/6 has almost purchased 2 goats.  The Grade 7/8 class has purchased a water filter and is now collecting money for a fresh water container.  Students are bringing in family donations as well as money from their allowance or from doing jobs.  It has been exciting to watch the donation thermometers outside of their classrooms go up as they make gifts that can be life-changing for people in other parts of the world.”


Aylmer – A mentoring program for new staff at Terrace Lodge – the Terrace Lodge Coaches program – won this year’s Peoples Choice award at the Innovations in Health Care Expo in Toronto recently. Under the supervision of Rhonda Roberts, TL Director of Seniors services,  a team has been mentoring  new staff in the past year in various tasks – safety, patient rights, conflict resolution etc.  The award came with a $10,000 grant which will be used for more training for the team and to fund demonstrations by the team of the program at other Elgin County Homes. Team members include Lois Ashton-Diniz, Yvonne Gavey, Susan Giesbrecht, Rhonda Vanderwerff, Grace Hertner, Pauline Hoogheim, AnnMarie Robertson, Anete Nowak, Donna McEwen, Kathy James and Jill Ker.


(This photo was submitted by reader Jake Peters; it came into his possession recently.  ‘Aylmer News’ researched the following from The Aylmer Express.)

The Aylmer ‘Broncos’ (Express spelling) were one of two town hockey teams in 1908-9, This was the senior team, the junior team was called Shramrocks. They played at the Aylmer Ice Palace (present Post Office location). Manager AA Leslie charged 15 cents for games (and free skating afterwards), 25 cents for better competition .Both teams seemed to win their share of games – opposition came from Port Burwell, Springfield, Sparta, London, Woodstock, Simcoe etc. They took a train to away games. The Express especially liked to comment on the officiating – usually high praise – and it was rare that players were “sent to the fence”. However, one report said: “The referee tried to be fair but paid too much attention to the talk of the spectators and let many offsides go resulting in some goals.”

The Broncos began the season with a roster that included Eiger, White, Taylor, Dunning, Miller, Robins and Wright but Manager Frank Burgess gradually changed his lineup. It eventually included those seen in the photo –the only originals were J. White and L. Miller,  R Thompson, J Walker,  T Sherry, M Paupst, and C Paupst, The teams played with seven aside, including a rover – there were no substitutes.


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