THURS., Dec. 10/09

-“AYLMER FLU CLINIC TURNOUT TUESDAY WAS 491” – No further clincs scheduled.



(Information supplied by Elgin OPP)

Copenhagen – Elgin OPP were dispatched to a property on Half Moon Rd. Malahide Twp on Tuesday at approximately 12:31pm after an excavator operator that was backfilling a trench dug for a geothermal system unearthed what appeared to be human skeletal remains.  The scene was secured and OPP Criminal Investigations Unit and Forensic Identification Unit were brought in for the  investigation .  The investigation, historical records and area residents indicated that this was a former cemetery site possibly dating back to the 1800’s.  A anthropologist was brought in from the Coroners Office in Toronto.  The anthropologist confirmed that the skeletal remains were of a historical nature.  No further investigation was required.  An archeologist is being brought in to assist with the excavation of the remain for re-internment.

(According to the Elgin Genealogical Society, a burial  site close by was called Barnum’s Cemetery. There are Barnums located in the vicinity by the 1876 ElginAtlas.  The AylmerNews learned that the digging was at a residence just west of the Half-Moon road – away from the site believed to be the cemetery. Some stones remain from the cemetery but are illegible. )


Aylmer – An Ad Hoc committee set up by Council in the summer to investigate the possibility of an “off leash dog park” presented its report to the town Monday – but Council asked – eventually –  for more information before providing any endorsement.

The committee, composed of Councillor Gerry Richer, town Director of Operations Rod Tapp and citizens John Forsdike and Don Gunstone,  suggested in its report that the best site was an area east of No-Frills Grocery, at Aylmer’s northern limits. The park would be about 5-7 acres, be accessible from Glencolin Line and Progress Drive, and would not share space with other users. But the preliminary costs of this would be $50,000, as proposed by Cyril Demeyre Consulting Engineers, including $15,000 for clearing the area, $13,000 for fencing, $6000 for gating and $5000 for parking.

The committee asked Council to endorse the concept and to support a new committee to raise funds (as well as a request to dissolve their committee) but Council -after much discussion- voted all of these suggestions down and asked the delegation to return with more information, especially on funding.

The following details were provided by Ad Hoc Chairman John Forsdike in reply to AylmerNews inquiries:

“All dogs are pack animals and are naturally social creatures.  This is a necessity for them to become happy and well adjusted.  An Off-Leash Dog Park will provide an exercise area and a social gathering place for our pets.  It will also give us exercise and communication with other dog owners. ..Now we must move forward as a citizen-based group to develop and finance an Off-Leash Dog Park .  Town Council suggested that we come back to them once sufficient funds have been raised to proceed.  The project will be done with no taxpayer monies. If you are interested in forming a citizen based committee, please contact John Forsdike at  519  773  9058…We have about 12 people signed up so far.  I’m thinking of placing signs up at the groomers around Town.  I have placed sign-ups at the vet clinics with only limited response.
St Thomas, Tillsonburg, London and St Mary’s all have plans to build or have built dog parks.  Tillsonburg had 2 meetings and had 200 sign-up as being interested….The costs will vary a great deal depending on the location.  For the Town property in the north end; trails have to be built, fences installed,  trees have to be removed.  At other locations,  there may be no trees or trails needed.  However, fencing is necessary.  The cost may be $1,000 to 5,000  to start a simple Dog Park in Town.The Town insurance carrier said there would be no additional liability costs for the accidents that might occur at the Park.   New dogs to the area would have to be watched at entry and a lead dragged along behind for quick control.”


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