TUESDAY, Dec. 15/09


-Ward, Leona; on Dec. 14, wife of Ron; in her 78th year; Visitation Wed. 2-4 and 7-9 pm; Funeral at Our Lady of Sorrows 11 am Thursday.

-Hulst, John; of R.4 Aylmer; on Dec. 14; in his 66th year; husband of Annie; Visitation Wed. 2-4 and 7-9 pm at Christian Reformed Church; Funeral at the church at 1:30 Thursday.



-Goals = Stevenson, Marceau, Vansevenant, Nooren, Todd, Haines

-Next Games = Wed., Host Parkside


Last week the East Elgin winter sports teams began regular season play.  In a great offensive game against Parkside, our senior boy’s basketball team took the win with a final score of 44-28.  In a weekend tournament at Strathroy District Collegiate Institute, the boys brought home a well deserved championship.  The junior boy’s basketball team also won a championship in a home tournament this past Saturday.  The juniors also took on Parkside and came home with an easy 47-23 win.  The varsity girl’s hockey team shined last week as they defeated Parkside 8-1.  Although the varsity boy’s hockey team was unsuccessful in regular season play, they went on to become champions of a West Lorne tournament where they beat West Elgin 3-1.  The junior girl’s volleyball team fought hard in their game against Parkside last week but unfortunately lost 3-2 to the stampeders.   The senior girl’s team also took on Parkside but could not capture a win.


I am a 17 year old  grade 12 student at East Elgin.  Although I like all sports, my favourite sports are volleyball and soccer.  I am interested in skiing, singing and hanging out with friends.  After this year I plan on going away to school. I am not sure what I want to be doing in the future yet but I always like trying different things.  I got involved with writing the school’s sports report because I have always been in GABAA and it is a great way to be more involved in the school.  Every week is different and there is always something new to write about.


"A new town sign was installed in front of the Town Hall on Saturday; Cost $4100 plus taxes"


Aylmer – Police are investigating this story from last Friday: A 37-year old man said he was walking to his house on Maple St. with two coffees around 7 pm when a black pickup stopped him on Cedar St. and asked him directions to the LCBO. A passenger got out and pushed him into the van; both the driver and passenger had rifles. The passenger was described as six feet, shoulder length hair, moustache, dressed in black, and talking with an accent. They sprayed his face with a ‘substance’ and he fell asleep and  didn’t awake until he was in  St.Thomas. They then put a gun to his head, made him consume a glass of alcohol, and took his cellphone and wallet and demanded he go to an ATM and withdraw $500. He did, gave them the money, got his phone and wallet back and they dropped him off on Sunset Ave at 10:30 pm. He then phoned his wife and the police.


Aylmer – An Aylmer Police cruiser was hit from behind at Dingle St and Hacienda Road on Sunday morning as an eastbound driver following the cruiser could not stop, due to icy conditions. Damage was minor to the cruiser; no charges were laid.


Aylmer –  A 29-year old Aylmer male was arrested on two counts of assault and one of choking after an argument in a Melanie Drive home last Wednesday about 1 pm. The male is alleged to have struck his mother and sister and choked his mother.


London – ‘Baptized In Blood’, a London based ‘Metal’ band, with members Nick Bertelsen of Belmont and Josh Torrance of Aylmer, signed a record deal with Roadrunner Records in Toronto last week. The band, Nick plays guitar and Josh does guitar/vocals. plans to have an album out next fall. They won an award for Best Metal Band at a London awards function this year. Their next local outing is in St.Thomas in February at the Brunswick. Nick Bertelsen provided the following info in response to Aylmer News inquiries:

“I grew up in Springfield, Aylmer, Belmont and surrounding area.  My parents are Deb Summers and Tim Bertelsen, and step father Jim summers. I graduated from EESS and went to Western for four years and completed an undergrad in Psychology (Honours) .  I’ve been playing guitar for 12 or 13 years. I had a few years of guitar lessons from Guy Miskelly from Aylmer however not much formal training since then, which is unfortunate.   Baptized in blood has been a band for four or five years now however i joined in early 07.  Johl, our singer is originally from Stratford and currently lives in London.  Alex(drums) and Matt(Shags)(Bass) have always lived in London and the surrounding area for most of their lives. Josh is a fellow Belmont boy and went to highschool at EESS with me.  We’ve been playing in bands since our tweens .  I would describe baptized in bloods music as definitely hard rock or metal with a skate punk twist as well as an 80s hair band/thrash band vibe to it, with some modern innovations that help keep the music relevant to the fans and people that enjoy it both on record and live.  The live show is what we live for.  We love to just get up on stage and bang our heads, jump around and have fun because if the band isn’t having fun on stage than you can guarantee that nobody in the crowd is having fun.

We have toured across Canada once playing a lot of amazing places as well as playing shows in the US, from Maine to Michigan.  London has always been the best for us because it is our hometown, Call the Office and the late and great Embassy is where we got our start, like most indie bands in the area.  Hamilton is like a second London to us; always tons of fans in Hamilton.  We have toured Ontario many times so were are building a good base of loyal fans.  We recently played Fanshawe college in November which was an amazing show.  We play Sarnia, Toronto and Mississauga from the 18th to the 20th as well as Kitchener on the 22nd then we have a break until the new year when we will schedule a London show.

The record deal means everything to the band.  It means we are now doing music on a professional level, officially, and it means we have a lot of hard work to do to make this new record the best it can possibly be and tour as much as we can and have as much fun and make as many memories as we can, because who knows what tomorrow will bring and thats the philosophy that we try and live by everyday. We do this for ourselves and we are sure grateful that we have gathered some loyal fans along the way but the important part is having as much fun as you can today(as long as the bills are paid). The contract will require us to record a new record with a producer and tour as much as possible and do well for Roadrunner records, so they want us to make a second record .  We are so excited to be apart of the roadrunner family.  some of our all time favourite bands are on this label and we couldn’t be happier.


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