(Aylmer – Jennifer Smith Ogg, who has lived in the Aylmer area for almost 10 years, is a former World Womens’ Lightweight Boxing champion and provided this summary of her career for Aylmer News)

-Attended Lord Dorchester SS
-2005 Recipient of the London Y Women of Excellence Award (Sport, Fitness and Recreation)
-2005 Canadian National Lightweight Champion.
-2004 Taiwan International Tournament Champion, Poland VS Canada Dual Match Champion, Award Recipient for Contributions to Amateur Boxing and the City of London, Silver Medalist – Torneo Italia International Tournament,
Cascia, Italy, Winner – National Team Selection, Tough Enough Champion, Main Event II, Chicago, Illinois, Canadian National Lightweight Champion.
-2003 Canadian Female Boxer of the Year, Boxing Ontario Female Athlete of the Year, 2003 Arnie Boehm Memorial Lightweight Champion, Ringside National Champion – USA.
-2002 Finalist – Ontario Female Athlete of the Year, Finalist – Canadian Female Athlete of the Year, Canadian Female Boxer of the Year, WORLD LIGHTWEIGHT CHAMPION, Canadian National Welterweight Champion.
-2001 Canadian National Champion, Ontario Provincial Champion.
-2000 USA National Golden Gloves Champion, Brampton Cup Champion.
-1999 Ontario Novice Champion.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           -Ties today – Retired.  Still have close connections but not coaching etc.
-I had 76 bouts, retired in 2005                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            -For Olympics- Katie Taylor, Ireland,  is favourite at 60kgs.  I fought her one time in Italy and lost a 3 round decision.  (My only loss in the last several years).  The favourite, in my opinion, at the heavier weight is Mary Spencer from Canada.   -Only 3 weights being allowed for 2012 Olympics.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        -I have no involvement now. I retired last year as the National teams  athletes rep.

FRIDAY SPITS HOCKEY =      New Hamburg (10-15-1)  4,  Aylmer (9-13-3)  3.

SOG, NH by 38-34;  Teams were tied 3-3 going into period 3;

-Aylmer Scoring: Pfohl (North, Maracle), Bornais (Vandepoele, Roloson); Bornais.

-Next games: Tonite host Simcoe at 7:30.


Jr. Boys Basketball =  EESS 54, Glencoe 17 (Passmore, Bisschop, Roloson were leaders)

-Boys’ Hockey = St.Joes 3 EESS 1 (Laurindo for EESS)


St.Pauls United Church ‘Free Community Supper’ – 6 pm

-(Tuesday) =  Olympic Torch Run through Aylmer (approx. Noon)

ELGIN OPP WARNING  =  “ Email Scam Targeting Grandparents”

(Elgin County) – The Ontario Provincial Police (OPP), in cooperation with the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre (CAFC), is warning people about a variation of the widespread “Emergency Scam” or “Grandparent Scam.”  Traditionally operating as a telemarketing scam throughout North America, fraudsters contact potential victims while posing as a family member or friend in urgent need of cash.  Often the scenario involves an accident or arrest, with a request that cash be sent through a money transfer company, such as Western Union or Money Gram.  In a recent variation of this scam, compromised contact lists from hijacked email accounts are used to send the potential victim an “urgent” email request for money from a friend or relative with whom they have a correspondence.  Common themes continue to be hospitalization or imprisonment.  The friend or relative is unaware that their account has been used to send out these requests to everyone on their contact list.  The OPP strongly suggests that anyone, receiving a request for money, takes measures to verify the requestor’s identity and the veracity of their story.  Anyone who suspects an attempt at victimization is urged to call the CAFC at: 888-495-8501 or 888-495-8501.

LOCAL HISTORY= “THE SATURDAY (S)CEREAL”-“Stilwell Murder At Eden, l885″

(Part I of the story of Lewis Napoleon Stilwell, son of Israel Stilwell who built the first hotel and store in Eden in east Bayham, who was murdered on New Years Day in l885, shot through the head.)

“Shot Down In The Prime Of Life” was the headline in the Tillsonburg Observer. The funeral of Stilwell, father of two, had just been held in the Eden Baptist Church with his fellow Eden Lodge members acting as an honour guard when the Observer printed this story. Stilwell had been out hunting on his farm after lunch with his hired hand Albert Thomas and neighbour Ransom Forbes. The other two said that Stilwell tired of hunting after an hour and said he was going to his father’s farm nearby so they kept hunting and then went home. Stilwell was not located for two days and then he was found in the woods, shot. An autopsy was conducted by Dr. McClay of Aylmer and a coroner’s jury used this evidence and that given by other witnesses to conclude that Stilwell was murdered and suggested that Forbes and Thomas be detained and examined in trial. Stilwell’s wife Sarah Jane would also be charged shortly with ‘procuring murder’ as it was revealed by witnesses that she wanted her husband dead. She had offered a gold watch to a girl to poison her husband’s tea, she had offered Randon’s brother Edwin a team of horses to do the same and she had offered Forbes and Thomas $100 each to dispose of her husband. She had been carrying on a relationship with Forbes for some time!” (To be continued).


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