TUESDAY, Jan. 5/10

(but it’s only to report that his cousin took his play dough!…….(not real ‘dough’)…..Police inform that this incident took place last week)
Lloyd Lampman,   of Aylmer,   in his 78 th year,   on Jan. 4.,   husband of Vera,   Visitation at Kebbels Funeral Home Wed. 2-4 and 7-9 pm;   Funeral Thursday at Kebbels at 11 am.
-Gertrude Usvaltas,   of Aylmer,   in her 74th year,   on Jan.3.,   wife of Andy,… Cremation has taken place.
Police today note they have located the 14-year girl from West Lorne who was living here briefly and “ran away” from her foster home just before Christmas.
-Three teen boys who were observed tipping over an outside portable toilet in Optimist Park on the holidays were apprehended by Police and ordered to put it upright.
-A transport truck ‘ jackknifed’ while heading west and trying to round the corner on Talbot St. East by the Dingle Street curve around 4:30 pm on January 3. The driver from Windham Centre did not suffer injuries although the cab was damaged when hit by the trailer. No charges were laid due to slippery conditions.
-A 26-year old Aylmer man was fined $250 in court on Dec. 29 for mischief after a Nov. 22 incident in Aylmer in which a window was broken at Elgin Furniture and a disturbance occurred outside the Central Hotel.
-In court on Dec. 15,  a 57-year old Aylmer man was given a suspended sentence and two years probation for an assault on his teenage niece in Aylmer in July .
(Lewis Stilwell, 36,  of Eden was murdered, shot in the head, while out hunting near his farm on New Years Day, l885. An inquest suggested that his hunting partners, Ransom Forbes and Albert Thomas, be detained for further investigation.)
At the second inquest it was revealed that as the trio prepared to hunt, Stilwell came to the farm of his neighbour Leander Forbes, father of Rans0m,  and got into an argument with the father over some work – 20 hours –  Stilwell claimed was owed to him.  Several witnesses then spoke about suspected relationships between Ransom’s sister Jane and Stilwell and between Ransom and Stilwell’s wife Sarah. The editor of the Tillsonburg News testified he went to the murder scene with others and they actually found the bullet on the ground which had killed Stilwell.  Provincial Detective John Murray was now summoned for the case and as the inquest continued  he and other officers and Judge Hughes of StThomas went to Eden to arrest Sarah Stilwell for complicity in the murder.  Meanwhile Albert Thomas’s father and sister visited him in jail and got him to confess that Ransom Forbes had shot Stilwell. Thomas claimed that Mrs Stilwell offered them $200 for the deed and although Thomas laughed at the deal Ransom agreed. They split up while hunting in the afternoon but Forbes went with Stilwell . Thomas heard a shot and Forbes came over and found him and said “I done it”. They then returned to Mrs. Stilwell and told her about the shooting .  (To Be Continued!)

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