SATURDAY, Jan. 9/10


“FRIDAY SPITS HOCKEY” – Aylmer (10-17-3)  3,  Paris  (9-17-3)  2

-At Aylmer – Aylmer scored in the final minute for the win;  Aylmer led 1-0 after P2;  SOG, Paris by 27-26

-Aylmer scoring: Mullin (Maracle, Brisson); Maracle (Vandepoele, North); Mugford (Schruder, Maracle)

-Next Games = Friday in Norwich;  Saturday host Simcoe


-Elizabeth Hamm;   of Aylmer;   in her 88th year;   on January 7th;   loving grandmother to 59 grandchildren;   Visitation at Kebbels Funeral Home on Sunday, 2-4 pm and 7-9 pm;  Funeral  from Old Colony Mennonite Church on Monday at 2 pm.


Sr. lost 46-40 to St Joes;  Jr. defeated St Joes by 46-26 (leading scorers were Passmore and Bennett)


Lewis Stilwell, 36, of Eden, was found dead, shot through the head, in his father’s woods on New Years Day, l885. One of his hunting partners, neighbour Ransom Forbes, was charged with murder and Lewis’s wife Sarah was charged with complicity in the murder. It had been revealed by witnesses at inquests that Mrs. Stilwell had said on many occasions she wished her husband was dead, that she and Ransom had been keeping occasional company, and that Lewis and Ransom’s sister Jane had also been together on numerous occasions. One of the hunters, Albert Thomas said that Sarah had offered he and Ransom $200 to kill Lewis and although Albert declined, Ransom agreed. He said the three then went hunting  and Ransom and Lewis had gone off on their own and then a shot rang out and Ransom came to find Albert to declare “I have done it”. The body was found by searchers a few days later.

The trial was held in the spring in St.Thomas and began with so many jurors being challenged by the defence that the whole first panel was exhausted. Noted Ontario detective John Wilson Murray  was even sent to work on the case. At the trial several witnesses testified about the relationships between the various couples – one said that while Lewis came over to visit Jane, Ransom would go to Sarahs house to play checkers several nights weekly. (Lewis and Sarah had two children). Albert now stated that there had been a previous plan to kill Lewis before Christmas when Lewis returned home drunk to bed one night and Ransom had borrowed a revolver but he declined  at last moment. A hired girl at Stilwells said she had been offered a gold watch by Sarah to poison his tea. Another time Sarah said to her: “I’ll give you everything I have if you kill him.”  Others said Ransom and Lewis were good friends. But the defence pointed out inconsistencies in Albert’s  evidence. So the jury was only out an hour and acquitted both. The judge then indicated  that Albert may be more of a suspect and suggested he leave the country(?) Thus no one was ever found guilty of the murder of Lewis Stilwell. A concrete cross for many years identified the spot where he was murdered – it was later moved to Eden cemetery.

"Gravesite of Lewis Stilwell in Eden cemetery"


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