FRIDAY, Jan. 15/10


“HAITI UPDATE:” from Joe Jones on Vimeo.

Update and photos were sent in by former Aylmer resident Anneke Jones (Barbour) on behalf of

“We received more photos today from Pastor Antoine.  He was able to go to a few of our areas and get photos but he still has more villages to visit in the upcoming days.  Please pray for him and his team as they are working night and day to help the people in our villages.

As you know Pastor Osnel has lost his wife Aliza, daughter Josesmith, and son Ti James.  Our heart goes out to him and his surviving daughter Judestania.  He is being strong for the moment only because he is running on adrenalin and has so many people that are pulling on him for help as well.  Please continue to pray for him as he faces this tragic time in his life.
Below is the most recent photo we have of his family as well as before and after photos of his home.  Buildings are replaceable but lives are not.  However we know that his wife and children are with the Lord and he will see them again some day!”

Pastor Osnel and his family

Pastor Osnel's House Before

Pastor Osnel's House After

The trade school as you know has been destroyed but words can only say so much.  The magnitude of this earthquake really hits you when you see these before and after photos.  Thank fully no one was inside the trade school when it collapsed!

Trade School Before

Trade School After

The Orphanage security wall has collapsed on the one side but none of the children were severely injured.  However we will need to get this wall put back up rather quickly in order to keep the children safe.

Orphanage Property Before

Orphanage Security Wall After

The Santo Church has also collapsed. People are camping out in the outside property around the church and will probably have service in a nearby field this Sunday.

Santo Church Before

Santo Church After

The Neply Church has also been destroyed. The only photo we have so far is of the Kid’s Church area that is on the back part of the building.

Kids Church in Neply

Many homes have also been destroyed in the Neply Area. Here are a few photos that we have received so far.  Many people have been left homeless!

Destroyed Home

Destroyed Home

We will continue to update you as we know more.  Again we cannot thank you enough for all of your prayers and support.

God Bless You!!!

Joy Jones”

For more information on please contact or


(Tuesday, the province announced which schools will begin offering full day kindergarten this fall; no local schools were on the list.  The response of Aylmer schools follows:)

IMMANUEL (Principal Nancy Robinson)= “At this time we do not have things in place to hold full-day kindergarten for the coming year.  However we are at this point in time exploring the feasibility in regards to how much interest there may be.  If there is interest from parents, there is a very real possibility that it may be
implemented for the fall.”

ASSUMPTION (Principal Laurie Intven) =  “Assumption definitely has room to accommodate Full Day Learning.  I was disappointed to learn that we were not on the final list.  There are no daycares within the area so it would have been beneficial to our community.  I look forward to the continued roll out and assume that the
many “unknown” factors will be worked out to ensure a smooth transition when it arrives.”

MCGREGOR (Principal Richard Auckland) = (Responded with info from the board website)

  1. Why wasn’t my school chosen to offer full-day learning (Early Learning Program)?


The provincial government set out criteria that included available space, and minimal impact on existing child care facilities.  School boards were not allowed to choose sites for the initial phase that required capital expenditures.  The other criteria included community needs, student achievement and readiness to implement.  The Provincial Government made the final decision about which schools would offer the Early Learning Program in the first year.


  1. Can I register my child at a school that is offering full-day learning?


Presently you may only register your child for the school in the area in which you live.  The Thames Valley District School Board is still working out details of whether exceptions will be made.  Information will be posted on our website as the implementation proceeds in the next few months.


EESS Polar Bear Run at Lunch (Sponsored by Students Council,  shorts and t-shirt, running the track, proceeds to Special Olympics)

-(Saturday) APAC – “The Good Lovelies” at Old Town Hall Theatre


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