SATURDAY, Jan. 16/10



-APAC Performance – Old Town Hall Theatre – “Good Lovelies” – 7:30 pm

-ACT presents “Nursing Home Mystery”, at Legion, 7 pm; $25

-Spits Hockey, Host Simcoe

“KINDERGARTEN INFO: Update (From Yesterday’s report)

McGregor Reaction: – “McGregor Public School was not part of the initial rollout of the full day kindergarten program. The program will be phased in over the next 5 years and we look forward to that day when we will move ahead. With the phasing in of the program our staff will become better able to meet the needs of our students and community as we learn from other schools and Boards that are involved at this stage of the process. At this point our school houses the Parenting and Family Literacy Centre for the Aylmer area and this is an invaluable resource for preschoolers to come in and be a part of the McGregor early learning community.




-Nellie Boyko; of Aylmer, on Jan. 14; in her 75th year; wife of Victor; Funeral from Kebbels Funeral Home at 1:30 pm Monday, Visitation one hour before.

-Pat Ketchabaw, of Straffordville; on Jan. 14; aged 69 years; wife of Bruce; Private family visitation; Funeral at Ostranders, Tillsonburg, on Monday at 1pm

FRIDAY SPITS HOCKEY: “Norwich 6, Aylmer 1” Goal – Maracle (Schruder)
Our workers have finally located the owners of one small market place that sells rice.

“HAITI UPDATE…….from Joy Jones, mother in law of Anneke Barbour,….”

(Anneke note: The mission is in the Leogane area which is about 30km from Port-Au-Prince. It is close to Carrefour, which is where the disaster hit. We were last there in October 2006. We were going to go again in 2007 & 2008, but because of circumstances, including political unrest in Haiti, we were unable to go again.My mother in law was last there in November 2009 and had another trip scheduled for the end of this month… But will not be bringing a team in until things in the country stabilize. She will travel there with my husband & a couple of other men to bring in funds as soon as they can get a flight.)

“Our workers have finally located one small market place that sells rice.
We were able to find 2500 pounds to distribute. Tomorrow our workers will be searching for more.
We know there were 2 deaths for sure in our Rum Village but don’t have all the details.
There are still aftershocks happening.
We found some rice for the Santo area as well and the orphanage children are being fed and they said they are doing okay.
The well on the nursing home property is completely broken and there is no water there.
The well in the Rum Village is working okay and the people do have water but they have to boil it.
Helicopters flew over our area today but they were just there to search for and rescue any Canadian or American Missionaries according to the Haitian Radio.
Looting is getting bad in areas and now our people are concerned about their safety in days to come.
Total strangers are starting to know that we are giving away food so many are flocking to our area and that is becoming a problem and concern for our Pastors and workers because of security. People are camped out everywhere and numbers are increasing in our areas!!
During my conversation with Pastor Antoine I heard a lot of commotion in the background so I asked him if he needed to go and see what was going on…………..His response was………….”NO”….PLEASE DON’T LEAVE ME YET………..I want to keep talking as long as we have a connection!”
During our conversations I am able to pass along messages from those of you who send them in and I know it gives him great comfort and security and hope that we are all working behind the scenes in Canada and the USA!!
All of you out there are also keeping me and my team here strong as well………’s almost like you are right beside us holding our hands!!! ”


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