THURSDAY, Jan. 21/10



Malahide Council, 7:30 pm

HAITI UPDATE (This info is about the Mission run by Joy Jones, mother in law of Anneke (Barbour) Jones, formerly of Aylmer)

The US Marines have brought ashore bulldozers and trucks to our village of Neply, west of Port-au-Prince and have warships anchored offshore. Pack-laden troops handed out food rations and set up temporary shelters for the homeless. They have taken over our clinic area in Neply and are using our facility/property to treat people from the Leogane area. All of our orphanage children and other villages have received food again and we were able to find clean water and some ice for the people.

We Have Been Able to Give People Clean Water With Ice

God has given us great favour and connections…………….some of our Haitian workers from our Mission have being given jobs as translators for the US Marines. Feldeer (one of our men who was near death last year from illness) is now healthy and strong and is working as a translator for the Marines.

I (Joy) have been able to talk directly to the Marines and they are giving me regular up-dates now too………I was able to personally thank them for helping our people and those in the Leogane area. They were also thankful that we have well trained Haitian workers who are experienced in translating and that we have a clinic they can work out of. After talking with them this morning, they said that when I can come to Haiti they will arrange to pick me and my team up at the airport so we have security.

After yesterdays aftershocks we had more damages to our Orphanage and Place Lor School!! I talked with Lumine directly today (she is the head of our orphanage) and she was in very good spirits and said the children are doing good. Pastor Osnel is doing well and staying strong too Praise God!!

This morning we were able to send our worker Benna with security guards 4 hours from our area to pick up some funds that we were able to wire into Haiti.

We are Blessed by God every day and it’s amazing to see how the Faithfulness and prayers of the Neply people for years are paying off in this moment of crisis!!

Thank-you again for your donations and love and ALL of your PRAYERS!!!!

Joy Jones (Madame Jwa)
Executive Program Coordinator
Haiti Missions


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