TUESDAY, Feb. 2/10



The two men who were charged with the Bayham Township home invasion which occurred in November, 2006 have a lengthy criminal history. Justin Parry, now 29, of Norwich and Mansa Adisa Fraser, now 24, of Hamilton admitted in the summer of 2008 that they had robbed the home with a weapon and not Joe Webber then of Bayham, who was, as reported in last week’s Aylmer Express, wrongfully imprisoned for the incident. Parry was serving 7 years in jail for several bank robberies in the Kitchener-Stratford area and had been assessed another 22 years in August 2008 for 25 home invasions over a six year period in southwestern Ontario when he admitted to the Bayham case. Fraser was serving time for 27 charges laid in a Hamilton court in 2008 when he also admitted guilt in the same crime. (To be continued tomorrow).


Aylmer – Aylmer Police reported today that two Malahide residents were apprehended yesterday and charged with committing the two oxycontin robberies at Shoppers Drug Mart on November 27 and January 25 (see yesterday’s story).  An 18-year old male was charged with traffickking and possession of a controlled substance, two counts of robbery with a weapon,  two counts of robbery using a disguise and possession of marijuana. A 16-year old female was charged with traffickking and possession. The arrests were made as a result of a combined Aylmer Police-OPP investigation. The suspects were held in custody with a bail hearing scheduled for today. As well a 19-year old Bayham male was charged at the scene with traffickking in marijuana and was released pending a court appearance.


-EESS Girls Hockey, host St. Joes;  EESS Boys Basketball, Seniors host WESS


Friday at New Hamburg;  Saturday host New Hamburg


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