MONDAY, Feb. 8/10



Aylmer Council, 3:30 pm


Aaron Wiebe;   of Aylmer;   in his 82nd year;   on Feb. 6;   born in Chihuahua, Mexico;   Visitation at Kebbels Funeral Home on Monday, 2-4 and 7-9 pm;    Funeral Tuesday at Old Colony Church at 2 pm.

-Katie Rakoschi;   of Aylmer;   in her 95th year;   on Feb. 6;   Survivors include son John and Marie and daughter Katie Stickel of Aylmer;   Born in Romania she was founder of the Ladies Aid of the German Canadian Club;  Visitation Tuesday at Kebbels Funeral Home;   Funeral Wednesday at Kebbels at 11 am.

-Basil Nevill;   of Tillsonburg, formerly of Straffordville;   on Feb. 7;   aged 92 years;  former Reeve of Bayham;   Visitation at Ostranders, Tillsonburg on Wednesday from 2-4 and 7-9 pm; Funeral at Ostranders Thursday at 1 pm.

– ‘Barney’ Farquhar of R.2 Belmont, on Feb. 5, in his 48th year, son of Ruby Farquhar of London and brother of Brendan Zavitz of Belmont;  Visitation at Bieman Funeral Home Dorchester on Tuesday 2-4 and 7-9 pm; a private family service will be held at a later date.

SPITS PLAYOFF HOCKEY SATURDAY: New Hamburg 3, Aylmer 1  (Series tied at 1-1)

-At Aylmer;  NH led 3-1 after period two; SOG by NH 30-21

-Aylmer Scoring: Schruder (North, Maracle)

-Next Games: Tuesday at New Hamburg;  Wednesday at Aylmer at 7:45; Friday at New Hamburg;  Saturday at Aylmer.

“HOT OFF THE WIRE” – “Aylmer Community Theatre (A.C.T.) presents good theatre!”  (submitted by Linda Charlton of Springfield)

When a new theatrical production of A.C.T. comes to town, it’s not only an event that is presented in the beauty of the Old Town Hall, it’s a chance for us to share with a community of a hundred or more theatre goers at a time, in addition to the actors and their crew, in a really good experience. This time, the production of “Dearly Departed” is a production that’s inspiring to say the very least. It could be of interest to you that A.C.T. presents 7 performances over two weekends.    You should see this new production.  The number of characters, 17 to be precise and all the set changes too, present what seems would be quite a challenge to organize.  But the detail to the sketches, well, it’s something great to experience.

The family portrayed in “Dearly Departed” is brought together in the circumstances of the death of a loved one.  It’s quite a challenging atmosphere to portray and includes all the dynamics of how each family member reacts in their own sense of loss.  I shouldn’t forget to mention that this play is a…comedy! Doesn’t A.C.T. have fun through the talent and energy it has, to portray some pretty tough personalities on stage.  It’s very impressive to watch the characters come alive through the actors and all the crew who assist.  I found, and maybe you will too, that it’s a bit tough to see certain dynamics that were a part of the storyline but you’ll have your own feelings about that!  Through it all, A.C.T. pulls off the humor!  There’s a really nice treat for you in this play – and it has to do with song and music!

Let me share what perhaps could be a secret aspect of attending theatre in Aylmer.  I can tell you that when the actors come out the stage door at the end of the play the theatre goers get the chance to meet, greet and share in the fun that follows a performance!  I laughed when I heard one of the talented actors come out the stage door; she was laughing and saying to the audience who remained, “I’m really not mean”!!!!!  She’s right!  But, as she and her other fellow actors do, she acted well; she hid her own personality and portrayed a character that, in partnership with A.C.T., created really good theatre, and good fun!


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