TUESDAY, Feb. 9/10



Aylmer – A 46-year old Aylmer man, who has been convicted of domestic abuse on 5 previous occasions, was arrested and charged again for an incident on Tuesday. Police were called to an apartment on Talbot St. west at 9 pm after neighbours complained of noise. Police were given no response when they knocked on the door although movement could be heard within the residence. Police then observed through a window that there were two couples inside and one male was holding a female down and putting his hand over her mouth.  The 39-year old victim  did manage to yell ‘ Help’ and the police forcibly entered. The male then ran out another entrance. Police learned that this couple had actually been married in the summer, despite the previous domestic incidents,  and all four had been drinking most of the day. They were also told that the female had been punched in the face numerous times just before Police arrived apparently because she had waved at another male while the couple was riding in a taxi earlier in the day. While attending to the bleeding victim and interviewing the other couple Police discovered that the other male was wanted for a breach of an association so the 52 year old from Langton was charged.  The other male then returned to the apartment and was charged with two counts of domestic assault and kept in custody. The woman was sent to hospital for treatment of her wounds.


-Police investigated a hit and run on Friday at 6:30 pm at the main intersection as a female driver heading south on John St. and about to turn right on to Talbot, while  stopped to allow for pedestrians to cross, was bumped from behind by a male driver in a light blue mini van who then kept driving south. Police are still looking for the minivan.

-On Thursday at 8:30 am Police also investigated an accident which occurred at the intersection of Queen and Talbot east as a 25-year old Aylmer female was charged with failing to yield as she hit the back end of another vehicle coming south across Talbot while she was turning west from Queen. There was light damage to both vehicles.


-GEORGE RANDALL ;   of Aylmer;   on Feb. 7;   in his 96th year;   father of Larry and of Carol ( Bill) Dunn  of Aylmer area;   Visitation Tuesday at Kebbels Funeral Home 2-4 and 7-9 pm;   Funeral at Kebbels on Wednesday at 3 pm.



It was noted that Captain Jim Thompson, over 30 years, and Captain Wayne Gavey, over 28 years, are retiring from the Aylmer Fire Department.


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