FRIDAY, Feb. 26/10



(Statement from MPP Steve Peters)

AYLMER – Residents in the Aylmer area can look forward to more modern and comfortable living as the province redevelops the 64 beds at Chateau Gardens. The Chateau Gardens project is part of a province-wide announcement to redevelop over 4,100 beds across Ontario. The redeveloped homes will meet the most modern design standards and will feature greater wheelchair access for residents in private and public spaces. The redeveloped homes are expected to be completed as early as 2012. This phase of the government’s renewal strategy will help create or sustain approximately 4,000 jobs in Ontario. “All long-term care home residents should have access to modern facilities that offer the very best and latest features,” Elgin-Middlesex-London MPP Steve Peters said. “This redevelopment of our older long-term care beds will provide Aylmer area residents with new amenities such as new bedrooms and washrooms as well as a new common room, lounge and activity space.”


(-EESS Jr will play at 10:30, Sr at Noon)


(Report from Dave Cryderman of Badder BusLines, Aylmer) “East/West roads were heavily drifted earlier this morning. Weather forecast indicated that winds would remain high for the rest of the day and more snow was likely during the afternoon.”


(The following info was provided by Michelle Casavecchia, Chief Operations Officer for Malahide, responding to an AylmerNews inquiry into the proposed Malahide Agri-Industrial Park near  Springfield)

1-What is the actual location and maximum size of the park?

The Springfield Agri-Industrial Park is proposed to be located just southwest of the Village of Springfield on College Line between Hacienda Road and Springfield Road.  The present proposal provides for the development of approximately 390 acres.  However, this proposed parcel size remains unconfirmed since it is dependent on two things:  (i)  the ability to reach an agreement with the respective landowners regarding future development options for their land; and (ii) the ability to obtain approval from the Province for an official plan amendment and subsequent zoning and subdivision agreements necessary to create the Agri-Industrial Park.

2-Why is this location the primary site for development according to the Official Plan; Isn’t this area still good quality farmland?

Since 1998, Springfield has been identified in the Malahide Official Plan as the Township’s primary growth and settlement area. The proposed site is close to and provides easy access to key transportation routes including Highway 401 (via Imperial Road) and Highway 3.  The proposed site is close to Springfield, yet far enough away from the built-up areas to provide for buffering.  Springfield provides proximity to sanitary sewers and water once the proposed waterline extension is completed. Other services such as natural gas, high speed internet, and 3 phase electricity are also available. As well, there is easy access to the surrounding communities of Woodstock,St. Thomas, Aylmer, Tillsonburg, London, and Ingersoll.

While the subject lands are not currently designated to permit the development of an Agri-Industrial Park,  the Township will be seeking an Official Plan Amendment to re-designate the 390 acre parcel from Agriculture to permit Agri-Employment Uses.  The Township is presently preparing and will be submitting the required Official Plan Amendment to the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing for approval in the next few weeks.  The proposed Agri-Industrial Park will help to ensure the protection of the Township’s agricultural resource base by allowing for the diversification of the agricultural economies of the Township and the Elgin County region. The proposed site is currently designated for agricultural use and is actively being farmed.

3-Why does Malahide need this kind of park; are other nearby townships doing the same?

The Township of Malahide is proposing this 390 acre fully serviced development to create a healthy sustainable economy while ensuring the protection of the Township’s agricultural resource base by focusing and diversifying the agricultural economies of the Township and the Elgin County region.  It is the Township’s intent that industries locating in this Agri-Industrial Park will support and compliment the Township’s agricultural nature. It is not intended to be related to traditional manufacturing or compete with urban industrial areas. There is a demonstrated Township and County-wide need for Agri-Industrial Lands.  In 2007, the County of Elgin undertook a complete Economic Development Plan.  The Plan outlined in the SWOT analysis as a weakness -“Lack of Serviced Industrial Land”. The limited availability, quality and location of services industrial/employment land is the single biggest impediment facing the County in its efforts to attract new industrial/business investment.”

Re-others: I do not know.

4-Specifically what kinds of businesses might operate here, why didn’t the bio-diesel facility across the road go here?

The primary use shall be for agricultural-related industry and employment.  A sample of permitted uses include – food and beverage processing, crop/seed development, bio-fuels production, fertilizer plants, intensive indoor/outdoor aquaculture, nutraceuticals (soluble fibers, oils, acids, etc).

The proposed Agri-Industrial Park is not yet ready for construction.  My understanding is that they are ready to proceed this spring and the Agri-Industrial Park will not be ready until 2011.

5-How will this be serviced in terms of water and sewage; Next steps?

In order to establish the proposed Agri-Industrial Park, the Provincial Policy Statement mandates that it be serviced with full municipal services.  Springfield provides proximity to sanitary sewers and to municipal water once the proposed waterline extension is completed.
As previously indicated, the site does not presently have a municipal water supply. The first step in the process to supply water to the site is the completion of the Municipal Class Environmental Assessment (EA).  This public process is currently underway and will identify and evaluate the various alternative solutions and a report will be created recommending the preferred route for the water transmission main and other technical details required to service the proposed Agri-Industrial Park.  Finally, the other significant factor in enabling this project to proceed is financing.  The Township has submitted an application for funding to the Federal Government to assist with the overall servicing costs of the Agri-Industrial Park.  This grant funding will be incremental in enabling the Agri-Industrial Park to go forward for the purposes of addressing local needs and priorities, resulting in long term job creation, economic diversification, and enhancing business competitiveness.


-Aylmer Community Band/Choir present “A Night At The Movies’; Doors open at 7, Show at 8 pm;  $10; at Old Town Hall Theatre; Tickets at Prime Ingredient

Thursday-Saturday: Elgin Adult Council for Education presents Job Skills, Training Programs etc.;  at Elgin Mall; 11 am to 8 pm


EESS defeated Ingersoll 6-4 in TVRAA TriCounty Girls Hockey yesterday. EESS now advances to the final against St.Joes.


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