Aylmer – EESS handled London Central 54-44 in a WOSSA semi-final match here this morning to qualify for the Junior Boys Basketball championship tonight at 6:30 – to be played on their home court! East Elgin – which has never won WOSSA Junior – will play Woodstock Huron Park.

Today the Eagles trailed only 3-2 early in the contest and held a comfortable 10-pt. lead for most of the second half.  They had quarter leads of 13-6, 23-18, and 38-25 – their greatest margin was 47-32.  EESS platooned 10 players throughout the game.  Leading scorers were Spencer Roloson 16, Clayton Passmore 13,  Christian King 6, Kyle Booy 5 and Dennis Catt 5.


WOSSA Boys Basketball at EESS; Jr. play at 10:30; Sr. play at Noon (Jr championship at 6:30; Sr. at 8 pm)

-Monday to Saturday = Church of God: ‘Gospel Meetings’ – 7 pm

-Aylmer Council: 7 pm


Bill Chromczak;   of Tillsonburg;   on Feb. 25;   in his 89th year;   husband of Helen;  Survivors include: son Hank and Marge of Brownsville and daughter Dianne Galeckas and Ed of Eden. Funeral today, arranged through Ostranders of Tillsonburg,  at 10 am.


(The Toronto Star reported Saturday that Canada was imposing a ban on Queen Bees from Hawaii due to an mite infestation. Aylmer beekeeper Chris Heimstra of Clovermead reported his business isn’t affected.)

“We raise most of our queens ourselves. However, in the early spring we bring in 100 or 200 queens from Chile, depends on our needs.  In the past 5 years, we have brought some in from Australia/New Zealand/Hawaii.  All of the countries have varroa mites, so it doesn’t make any sense that queens cannot come in from Hawaii, unless it is a mite that is not currently in Canada.   It is really bad news for beekeepers in Hawaii who make a lot of money from exporting queens to Canada, and beekeepers in Canada who use the queens.  I am sure there must be a good explanation.  I hope Canada does not import more queens now from the USA, because they have Africanized bee genetics in the southern states and we don’t want that genetic material mixed into our Canadian genetic pool.
(The bees so far are looking good coming through winter! ) ”

“WHAT ABOUT AN AGRI-INDUSTRIAL PARK FOR BAYHAM? (…now that Malahide is developing one)”

(The following info was supplied by Bayham Reeve Lynn Acre)

“Bayham has a small industrial park already on Bayham Drive, next door toTillsonburg’s DDM plant. However, our park is “dry” meaning it has no municipal water and sewer connections. We’ve been negotiating withTillsonburg to extend their services across the road to us, but negotiations have ground to a halt. Bayham would certainly be interested in rezoning some property in our south end (which has municipal water and sewers already) but we need to have a landowner in favour of this. We do not have the resources to purchase any property, like Malahide is planning to do, if they get the grant. In these economic times, lots of municipallities/townships are taking the lead on establishing industrial parks etc. in order to attract big business, and thereby increase their tax base. It’s risky…but can have some huge benefits if it works.”


-East Elgin Girls tangle with StJoes in the two-game TVRAA Conference hockey finals. They play today at StJoes and host on Wednesday.  They have already qualified for WOSSA playoffs later this week.


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