WEDNESDAY, Mar. 3/10



Elgin County ‘Agri-Seminars’; New Sarum Diner; 8:30 am – 3 pm; $25

-EESS Girls Hockey Playoffs; Host St Joes 2:15 pm

-Mon-Sat = Aylmer Church of God ‘Gospel Meetings’, 7 pm

-(Sat. – Aylmer Kinsmen present Illusionist Brian Michaels;  8 pm;  at East Elgin Comm.  Complex;  $30;  Fundraiser for Cystic Fibrosis.)

-(Sat.;  Kids Company- ‘Tales from an Empty Fridge’; 2 pm; Old Town Hall Theatre; $10 at door, $ 8 advance; At Campbells II.)


(This information is supplied by Eugenio  DiMeo, Malahide Director of Corporate/Community  Services)

What it is:  -This document will encompass all aspects of parks and recreation planning including: collection of data, analysis of existing services and facilities in the Township of Malahide and in similar municipalities, coordination of staff and public input, goals and policy formulation, document preparation (including maps and visual enhancements), implementation schedule, cost analysis and presentation to the Township of Malahide.

Procedure: -An inventory of existing public and private Parks and Recreation facilities in the Township of Malahide – including the contact person, condition, size, seating, etc. An inventory of existing programs currently being offered by public and private agencies in the Township of Malahide. An analysis and comparison of facilities and services provided by similar municipalities in near proximity to the Township of Malahide.  Evaluation of current and projected demographic and sociological factors pertinent to the Township of Malahide, including composition of the population, population growth projections and trends, economic factors and land use patterns.

A survey and series of public citizen meetings to determine specific desires of the public in reference to Parks and Recreation shall be held.  An action plan based on survey, public meetings and data collected for this plan and consistent with provincial and federal requirements for the submittal of request for grant or funding, shall be presented to meet the specific needs including program opportunities, facilities needs, land acquisition and recommendation of specific areas of the Township where facilities should be located.An action plan with priorities for capital construction, facility renovations and land acquisition based on 5-year, 10-year and 20-year projections shall be submitted.


The Aylmer Kinsmen Club is presenting Illusionist Brian Michaels Saturday night at the EECC as a fundraiser for cystic fibrosis. Brian is married to and assisted in his show by the former Carrie Lamers, a niece of Andy Lamers of Aylmer.  Carrie told the AylmerNews she was raised in the Ingersoll area and met her busband at Laurier University.  Brian was from Hamilton and has been practicing magic since he was 10. They both began doing shows soon after graduating and have now had 12 years in the business. Most of their events are for corporate after dinner entertainments, especially in the Toronto area,  but they have toured throughout Canada and in the US. Highlights have included performing as opening acts for Celine Dion and Gordon Lightfoot.


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