SATURDAY, March 6/10


“History of Aylmer to 1900″ (Used-$5) – On Sale at Campbells, Library”


-Aylmer Kinsmen present Illusionist Brian Michaels;   8 pm;   at EECC;   Tickets $30; Proceeds to Cystic Fibrosis.

-Kids Co.  present ‘Tales From an Empty Fridge’; at Old Town Hall Theatre; 2 pm; Tickets $10 Door, $8 Advance at Campbells II.

-“MADD is sponsoring a RIDE  program today starting at 2PM by the arena. It is commemorating the 10 year anniversary of the death of Joe Barat who was killed by a drunk driver.  His mother and other family will be handing out literature with the police. It will be a joint OPP and Aylmer event. (Info from AylmerPolice) ”

-World Jr. Mens Curling Championships begin.


(This info provided by Jan Collins of the Vienna Hall Citizens Group)

“The Vienna Citizens Group  (aprox.  10 to 15 individuals) are trying to save this building from demolition and get an engineering study to advise on undertaking the necessary repairs to the foundation etc. The group with the support of the municipality applied for a Trillium Grant just for the Engineering Feasibility Study but was advised it was turned down. We are looking for aprox.  $15,000.00. The A.C.O. (Architectural Conservancy of Ontario) has provided a detailed  architectural report (as provided by a qualified architectural engineer)  on the general condition and historical values and significance. His report was positive and felt the building was repairable within reason and the historical value  extremely significant.

This building represents one of the oldest standing buildings of this type in our area and has served the community from conception. (There is a lot of historical background on this building and how it came to be built and its uses.) It has been used for council meetings &  offices until the amalgamation of villages in Bayham and for all types of social gatherings, showers,  teen dances, meeting place for organizations e g.  Vienna Red Cross, Vienna Junior Farmers, Boys Club,The Ladies Guild, Sons of Temperance, Girl Guides, etc. This building is our landmark and holds  peoples’ memories and their stories and artifacts of the past.We will do what ever it takes to try and save this building and make it useable again. That is why we continue to go to council meetings to explore all the possibilities. Even buying the building for a token sum. Some fund raising has taken place and the group intends do more to drum up more funds. ( We will be at Edison Fest June 5th holding a Silent auction and yard sale.) Once the building is saved and repaired, the group plans to put the building back in use, full time, to offer services to the public, e.g. computer instruction and resource centre, services for families including seniors, teens, and the general public. The options for usage are endless. ( There was a stage at one time and the original back drop is still intact so a stage may be put in again if deemed advantageous to users).”


-EESS actually captured a WOSSA championship in junior boys basketball before this past week – but it was prior to the formation of the Tri-County/Oxford-Elgin/TVRAA league.  In 1950-1 East Elgin went undefeated in league play (only a tie with StJoes) and defeated Delhi in a best-of-three series for WOSSA B honours. The pennant has vanished but there is a picture (reprinted here) in the Argus. The games were played in the small gym. Locals Don Ingram and Bob Foutre were team members.


“SENIOR BOYS BASKETBALL WON WOSSA 50 YEARS BACK” – East Elgin  won a senior boys basketball WOSSA crown 50 years ago this month – they actually had back-to-back victories! The Purple Flashes captured the Tri-County flag three years in a row 1958, 1959, and 1960 and the last two seasons included WOSSA and the UWO Purple and White Tourney triumphs (They also won WOSSA in 1977). Coach was Graham Dorans. In 1959-60 the seniors lost only one game – in overtime to StJoes – and downed Simcoe for the Tri-County pennant.  They defeated Toronto Royal York at the Purple and White with Dave Grant and Jim Porter the leading pointgetters. They won all 3 matches at WOSSA including the final over Chatham with Martin Fabi scoring 29 and Ron Farrow 11.  Farrow and Walt Glazer were team members in all 3 seasons.  Other players in 1959-60 included: Charlie Butler, Frank Dodge, Nick Denhartog, John McKnight and Mike Maurer. This pennant is still in the gym; the following picture is from the Argus.


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