SATURDAY, March 13/10



(Sunday: Atoms in OMHA finals, host Mitchell at 1:45 pm; Midgets in OMHA finals, host Kincardine at 6:45 pm)


Wendy Stafford;   of StThomas;   in her 51st year;   on March 12;   daughter of Ron Daykins of Aylmer;   Visitation at Williams Funeral Home StThomas Sunday 7-9 pm; Funeral at Williams Monday at 1 pm.



(Summary provided by Coach Harry Bakker)
IST PERIOD-Mitchell scored their 1st goal on a power play at 3:59 of the 1st period.-Aylmer responded immediately with their 1st goal at 3:19 by Matthew
Bartlett assisted by Dylan Brower of the 1st period.-Aylmer had many good scoring chances, but couldn’t put the puck in the net- Score 1-1 after 1st period

2ND PERIOD- No scoring, play was back and forth with both teams getting chances – Aylmer got 3 penalties late in the period, spent a lot of energy trying to kill these off- Score still 1-1 after 2nd period

3RD PERIOD-Mitchell scored their 2nd goal of the game at 13:40 on the power play-They scored again on a weak clearing attempt along the boards in Aylmer’s end at 12:12- Score now 3-1 for Mitchell-Aylmer responded with goal at 9:03 by Trevon Ball assisted by Mitchell Bakker- Mitchell 4th goal scored at 4:15, deflected shot from the blueline that  snuck through the Aylmer goalies legs.

Final Score 4-2

Aylmer got outshot for the game, but spent too much time in the penalty box when the score was still 1-1. Aylmer had more good scoring chances than Mitchell but kept missing the net. Saturday’s Game 2 in Mitchell at 3:50pm, Game 3 back in Aylmer on Sunday at 1:45pm

(Info supplied by Coach Mark Steele)

“We have 7 returning players from last years team that lost in the finals,  3 of the 7 won it 2 years ago and this will be their 3 straight year in the finals. Our roster consists of a total of 20 players with 19 dressing every game; the 20th is our injured goalie that was in a car accident. As it stands now we use 4 AP (affiliated players) 2 from Bantam Rep and 2 from Midget Local League. We were finalists in the regional silver stick held in Petrolia but received an invite to the International and ended up winning .”

Sked: (Best 3 of 5 games)

-Sat at Kincardine;   Game 2 in Aylmer Sunday at 6:45;   Game 3 next Friday in Kincardine;   Game 4 if necessary next Sunday in Aylmer at 8:15;  Game 5 the following Thursday in Kincardine.


(Info provided by Whitney Shaver, a Grade 10 EESS student,  daughter of Bruce and Debra of Pt. Burwell, who participated in the recent OFSAA  Wrestling competition.  Girls’ Wrestling was revived at East Elgin this year.)

“This would be my first year wrestling. I have only trained for about 3 months before OFFSAA athough I do martial arts with a club call Martial Arts Canada. I trained very hard with three coaches that coached the East Elgin wrestling team also.  After finishing WOSSA I decided to join the club at Central Elgin in St.Thomas.
At OFSAA I finished in 5th. The first day of OFSAA I had 3 matches and I won in the first match with a pin for all 3. The next day in semi finals I had to face a girl that is on the junior Olympics team. She was a very good wrestler and for my first year I was proud to say that she was the girl I lost to, also my coaches are very proud of me because I have not been pinned all season. The next match I wrestled very well although there was a controversy and I lost that match by points due to not having clear video to prove the points were given the wrong way. I do believe I was a stronger wrestler then her. Due to my 2 losses that put me in a fight for 5th or 6th,  I won that match in the second round with a pin. She was up points in the first round and was a very good technical wrestler, although I have very high endurance and with her having the points edge in the first match that made me want the 2nd match so much more and  I flipped her over and pinned her by bridging onto my back to hold her down. I believe I could have done better at OFSAA but I can say it was a amazing experience for my first year. At WOSSA I lost my first round then won  14 matches after that including the first girl I wrestled that beat me the first time -I beat her the second with a pin. Because I lost my first match the best I could get was 3rd so I wrestled for 3rd and won that match. I challenged the girl who got 2nd,  she was a very strong wrestler and she won the first match by points, I won the second match by points so we went into a 3rd and with my endurance and being able to stay strong for all 3 rounds she was just so tired she gave it her best shot and I finished with pinning her in the 3rd round. I plan to continue wrestling and training even more and having a lot more experience on the mat for next year will be amazing, I plan to go back to OFSAA and do even better but like I said before, for my first year my family, coaches, and teachers and students at East Elgin are all very proud of me.”


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